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Note: Claire has not updated her site since 2006 however there is still a lot of valuable and pertinent information contained on this site. Much more information on the Anna books, workshops, tours and events can be found on the Weaving the Light link below.


APRIL 2010




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Books can be purchased at: www.weavingthelight.com

I am very happy to announce that the sequel to Anna, Grandmother of Jesus is now birthed! The title is Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. The process of bringing forth this extraordinary material was done in co-creation with Catherine Ann Clemett. She assisted me in bringing forth its initial content in 2006 and more recently she has been preparing the sequel for publication. We are expecting it to be available for you to purchase sometime this May.

In this book, Anna and eighteen other Magdalene adepts and initiates bring forth intimate messages about their lives in France and Britain after Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) resurrection. They disclose their personal and deeply transformational experiences with the resurrected Yeshua, which occurred over the course of many years. Discourses on a variety of spiritual topics are offered, including material which some may consider heretical and controversial. Long-held secrets are revealed in such a way as to assist the lifting of the suppressed Divine Feminine/Magdalene voice in our time.

Join Anna, the holy family and the Magdalene-Essenes as they carry their work forward into new regions and new experiences. Enjoy hearing intimate details from the Magdalenes’ own lips as they lift the veil of silence that has concealed their exemplary lives of compassion and spiritual mastery. Receive a greater understanding of the Christ drama 2,000 years ago and its relevance to present-day humanity and your own awakening.


The sequel and other products from SEE Publishing now renamed Weaving the Light can be purchased at www.weavingthelight.com

Claire and I are excited to share Anna’s expanded messages with you. The Councils of Light continue to call Claire into retreat and work in the inner realms. I am being called to go forth as the public voice for this work. Anna and the Councils of Light are telling us that it is now time that the sequel, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, as well as the original book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, be shared with a much larger audience. Until this point Anna, Grandmother of Jesus has been mostly introduced through word of mouth. Now I am being asked to actively begin marketing both books on the Internet and to share Anna’s and the Magdalene’s messages through speaking engagements. If you resonate with the Anna material and wish to assist us with the Council's desire to bring it to a larger audience, you can do this in several ways:

 If you have an email list, you can forward emails about the sequel you receive to your list

• Exchange website links with us at www.claireheartsong.com

• If you know of opportunities for speaking engagements at bookstores, churches, associations or organizations in your area that might be interested in hearing about the sequel

• Giving testimonials or sharing feedback about both Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. Submit testimonials to: testimonials@seepublishing.com

If you are able to or would like to help us with any of these please contact Catherine Ann at cac@weavingthelight.com or by calling the office at 401-566-4594.

Our friend Finbarr Ross, through his sacred site tour company, Celtic Mystical Journeys is expanding his tours leading a tour to Turkey in May 2010. Cities that are being visited on this tour; Ephesus, Tyana, and Cappadocia are places connected to the holy family before and after Yeshua's resurrection which are elaborated upon in the Anna sequel, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. Click on the following link to find out more about Sacred Sites of Turkey Tour

For those of you who feel a strong calling to walk in those places where you can still feel the energies of Anna, Yeshua and the Magdalenes in southern France, we would like to direct you to a tour led by Robert March. Click on the preceeding tour link for more information. Other empowering and relevant tours to the places in southern France, southwestern England, Wales and Scotland spoken of in Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes can be found by doing online searches. Please use discernment and your own inner wisdom while determining if and when any pilgrimage is appropriate for you.

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