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Update April 2008

Dear Friends,

A year and a half has passed since returning to the Mount Shasta area (Trinity County) where I have been enjoying deep spiritual retreat. As I reconnect with you through this message, I am still aware that this much needed inward focus and grounding may continue for an indefinite time. Although I am choosing to be considerably removed from outer activity, I also have a very strong desire to respond to the many welcomed emails that you have sent over these many months. I want you to know how much I appreciate your caring expressions for my wellbeing and requests to meet with me. And most particularly, I feel it is time to respond in a general way to your questions about the status of the Anna sequel. A measure of clarity is finally coming that only now makes this message possible.

First of all I wish to thank you for your patient support while not hearing from me. Your letters of appreciation for Anna’s transformational influence in your livesand how you have shared these experiences with others have deeply touched me. Many of you have said that you are reading the Anna material repeatedly and have made it a course of ongoing study. Your requests for more of Anna’s teachings do not go unnoticed. Many of you have been emotionally activated with feelings of deep connection to the Christ drama. You deserve to know how you may meet and ground these strong energies in a healthy way in your life. Many desire to know what Anna and the family experienced after they arrived in France and Britain. There is a need and a responsibility for closure. Knowing all this, I pray that these words may serve your present journey with the consciousness we call Anna. May you be served in your awakening to your true nature and living loving-kindness in all your relationships.

Since last writing I have had many experiences that have facilitated much awakening and healing on many levels. On the physical level alone there has been a long passage through a severe whiplash injury and a total hip replacement surgery. I have opened to subtle truths that can only be integrated slowly within the sanctuary of the silent heart. There have been orchestrated relational meetings that have mirrored and catalyzed an accelerated letting go of limiting ego-clinging patterns. I am being taken much more deeply into the wisdom teachings that Anna introduced through her whispered messages and inwardly felt presence these past twenty years. As it is said, when the student is ready, the living teacher appears. In my case, The Teacher has not physically appeared, but there is every indication of an approaching closeness. I am aware there is much more expansion, purification and stabilization of my consciousness yet to be realized. The Great Work goes on for us all!

It is now time to share the happy news with you that I have met and joined with my beloved Lorenzo in the most profoundly felt relationship of my life. Meeting at a time when each of us brings six decades of life’s experiences and the challenges that come with facing impermanence and physical death is no easy task. Yet, in our daily conscious and loving embrace, we also find that we bring great compassion, devotion and wisdom to our commitment to open our hearts to feel and be a Great Love in the precious moments given us. We live close to the beautiful land that supports us in so many ways. We are endeavoring to simplify and find balance, grace and gratitude in our lives day by day. We are committed to coming Home to the Infinite Light and Oneness together. We join with you in dedicating our energy, albeit quietly, in bringing more love and harmony to our beloved Mother Earth and all beings.

In the spirit of friendship and community I would like to share more about my personal life, but that would not serve the purpose of this message. So let us go back now to the subject of Anna and the sequel. It is an interesting coincidence that I was first introduced to Anna in 1988. After ten years of intense preparation I began writing the Anna transmissions in the form of a book in 1998. Another ten years have passed. It is now 2008. I am sensing that this may be the year to bring the sequel into some kind of form that is appropriate for this time. There is much mystery surrounding its content and how to present it. It’s as if it is being held in a kind of limbo realm that comes into clear view and then recedes into the mist – reappearing when least expected. At times I even question whether it is to come forth at all… at least through me.

As with the first book, the sequel began with a period in which story fragments burst through walls of resistance. I found and still find the stories that Anna and the other family members tell to be remarkably comforting and pertinent to our present world crisis. I also find what they have to tell us to be intimidating, controversial and even a bit terrifying. Needless to say, all this causes me to pause and question and to experience some disturbing ambivalence toward the project. After the original burst of illumination there has been a time of hiatus, deep healing, purification, integration, expansion and a feeling of growing readiness for the next phase to find a place in me. While this is true, a disturbing degree of ambivalence remains about how to proceed with a work that triggers so much uncertainty. Some of the questions I ask Anna and myself:

1. How relevant and of what real assistance are Anna’s and her family’s stories to the lives of its readers?

2. Especially since some of the information seems highly controversial. Am I ready and willing to take it on?

3. How accurate and to what degree has my filter unintentionally obscured their messages, thus making them a distraction at best and actually doing harm at the worst?

4. Considering the highly controversial and delicate material that is disclosed, how do I go about sharing it?

5. Is now really the time? If so, then what form and manner of delivery will best serve those who are ready to witness and use this information and energy for their highest spiritual growth and daily practices?

6. Is now really the time? If so, then what form and manner of delivery will best serve those who are ready to witness and use this information and energy for their highest spiritual growth and daily practices?

7. Is now really the time? If so, then what form and manner of delivery will best serve those who are ready to witness and use this information and energy for their highest spiritual growth and daily practices?

8. On a personal level, if I am to facilitate the sequel, how do I do it as a true and authentic offering while giving my primary relationship and spiritual practices all the time and energy they deeply deserve and require?

As I bring this letter to a close, I just reread the questions I have posed and realize that you might also ask yourself similarly how you may bring forth your creative soul offerings. We hold a common desire to be and share all that we truly are. We also face the same limiting human conditionings and fears. The question remains how shall we rise up to meet and reveal the best that is within us regardless of the obstacles in our way? How can we be a light to the world and offer ourselves as a true gift that eases the way of our fellow travelers? The final question I ask is how can we bring greater awareness, compassion and conscious service at this most challenging of times and experience joy as we accomplish it?

Over the next months my business manager and friend, Catherine Ann Clemett and I will be giving my website a new look that reflects the Mount Shasta energy where I am presently living. We will discard irrelevant material and make the site easier to read. Sequel chapters may begin to be posted on the website sometime this year; but I don’t know this for sure. We hope to send out an update this summer to inform you of developments. May this connection truly serve and support your journey.

From my heart in love and service,


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