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(Please feel free to pass the Anna Messages along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)

Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.

Anna's Messages #1

     November 2005


November 2005

As an update to those eagerly awaiting the next book, I must report that the writing of the sequel has been slowed by necessary changes in my life that eventually brought me to live within the powerful energy vortex of Zion National Park. I say slowed by my human frame of reference. However, I have come to trust in the divine timing of all projects that are being co-created within the scope of Spirit’s direction and flow. During the past three years I have been blessed to live within the heavily patriarchal influence of Utah’s dominant religion. Doing so has initiated me into a greater awareness of how the Divine Feminine has been suppressed through the ages. With Anna’s blessing manifesting as abundant resources to purchase a beautiful sanctuary home in Zion this spring, I moved away from the Salt Lake City region with gratitude for the wisdom and growth gained.

I am now supported by a resonant community in which to write about Anna’s life in France and Britain. No better place could afford the opportunity to bring forth the voices of those female initiates and companions who supported Yeshua’s demonstration of the Christ 2,000 years ago. Similar to the higher dimensional energies of my beloved Mount Shasta where the first book was written, I am finding that Zion facilitates expanding and focusing capacities that take me into an even deeper integration and grounding of full-spectrum consciousness. While Shasta is the place where heaven and earth meet, Zion takes that union a step further. Zion is a place where the celestial and earth energies mate in perfect balance, manifesting Heaven in Earth – Earth in Heaven.

This website, and specifically the "Anna’s Messages," is dedicated to assisting your realization of homecoming into the source of Love within your own heart. As we each come to know this inexhaustible supply of love, we heal all sorrows and fears experienced within separation’s perceived illusion. Our mere presence becomes a living font that pours comforting light upon all we meet. Because this soulful work is our passion, Anna and I have joined together to bring you the expanded wisdom and love the Divine Mother desires for us so that we may embrace life’s challenges as the loving gifts we intended them to be. She knows us intimately and wishes to cheer us onward so that we can triumph within our personal lives. For it is within the daily grind of our seemingly mundane lives and relationships that we may come to realize that we are walking the same path every Christ initiate has taken through the ages.

The following message from Anna introduces the reader to the sequel of the first book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. It is hoped that you may get a sense of the urgency, yet loving patience, Anna’s perspective provides at this particularly challenging time in our collective evolutionary journey. These passages are taken from an "Anna session" co-created with a beloved friend in the fall of 2004. This message will provide an orientation for the contents that are unfolding through the current writing process.

Before proceeding I wish to acknowledge how wonderful it is that we live at this time when global communication connects our minds and hearts through a simple click! Anna is always overjoyed when we sit together at the computer where comforting words of guidance and inspiration may be easily sent to you anyplace in the world. Quite different from those painfully limited writing and distribution tasks we used to know as scribes in Anna’s day! It is our hope that "Anna’s Messages" will serve you well.

Peace be unto you, beloved friend.

Anna's Messages #1

For you, Claire, I suggest the following: Prepare this space in which you find yourself to be a sanctuary of serenity, upliftment and a space dedicated to the purpose of birthing the book that is about to commence. Make of it a sanctuary from the world and those vibrations that pull you down and obscure your light and the Truth of that whom you BE. You have traveled long on this path and it is unseemly to miss the mark that is plainly before you. Look not outwardly for excuses, for there are none to be found. Now that you have set your affairs in order and the means are splendidly provided for the work to go forward, it is for you to simply choose to take affirmative and humble action. You have done well in accomplishing this and the research thus far has placed you in an advantageous position to receive the impressions that will arise within your mind to be translated into word pictures and energy transmissions appropriate for this advanced undertaking. It s hall be a work in many ways unlike that which was its precedent. But it shall also be an instrument of awakening and a clarion missal sent unto those with ears to hear this added portion.

I have long held the memories of my life in France and Britain close to my heart. I have long awaited this time for my story's dispersal to my posterity and the family of mankind at this turning of the ages. It is time now to begin the writing process. You are well aware that there are forces of resistance to this message. These resistive forces reside within and all about you. Intrinsic within this work is potent transformational and empowering energies that will stir deep cellular and soul memory for every reader. Memory that has long been suppressed shall arise and be given a voice. For some it will be the clarion cry of the feminine held in abeyance and subservience to the masculine that will be most clearly heard as these energies take a stand for the ultimate freedom of both men and women. For others, the resounding echoes of war clashing in mutinous betrayal of the divinity of life will grind against stony hearts inviting a wellspring of courage to dissolve all cause for war within the breasts of humanity. This message is also for those Christ initiates who will receive a further quickening of their very blood in order to transmute deeper regions of fear.

Many there shall be who will remember who they are and why they are here at this very time when so much is astir. This work will facilitate preparedness and allowance of inevitable planetary change, as the watchword "All are One" is given utterance by those souls choosing to establish an ascended reality of peace and harmony to be enjoyed by all life. This message is being created inter-dimensionally in order to empower synchronistic moments of realization within all these venues for every soul who is calling forth my words and presence.

As with the previous book, this is an initiatory process of internal and external alchemy. And so it is that there is the necessity for the various dynamics of polarity within duality to be acknowledged and appropriately balanced into empowered expression. In this way the energy of transformation may be realized first within yourself through the mediumship of our communication through the veils and then the empowerment may extend beyond yourself to all who would likewise choose the peace that passeth understanding. I am with you continually and though there will be interruptions from time to time, we shall easily pick up the story line with its attendant multi-dimensional perspectives and energies.

We will take up the thread of my tale's weaving with the telling of my brief sojourn in France (then called Roman Gaul), my journey across her breadth to a northerly Channel port village, and then the setting sail to Britain's hoped for haven. Subsequent years unfolded with short respites of leisurely repose punctuated by times of challenging human drama. With family and friends, I warmed chilled bones with the telling of wisdom stories beside welcomed hearth fires. Across the land of Britain we consecrated life force within sacred groves and standing stone circles that have stood witness to the Divine from "time before time." Sad to say, tranquil peace within our cottages, orchards and Essene way of life was constantly overshadowed by the haunting presence of Rome. Julius Caesar's territorial stake had been driven into the tribal lands of southeastern Britain in 55 BC and again later in 54 BC.

Although Caesar's armies had retreated back to the Continent and Britain's fair lands remained untouched by the marching of conquering Roman legions when I first arrived in 38 AD, there was always a foreboding sense that my virginal haven amidst the British Celts would not last forever. My peaceful refuge ceased to be ten years later when in 48 AD the Emperor Claudius breached the Channel and took Britain as a provincial prize for Rome. Soon the island's lowlands and highlands were crisscrossed with well engineered roads and bridges, rustic Celtic timbered hill-forts were replaced with fortresses, tribal king's mud and wattle strongholds gave way to stone villas, and sacred springs fed lavish baths for a more sophisticated clientage. I witnessed the first hundred of over three hundred years of Roman occupation that forever changed the face and destiny of my beloved Britain. Within a decade of Claudius' coming, the thread of my story twisted torturously through war-scarred and nightmarish terrain.

In the midst of these unsettling times, I embroidered my life's tapestry and entrusted it to the trained ears of those who knew how to keep secret oral traditions alive. In the keeping of family and friends, who, as I, were Druid priests and priestesses, I shared Gnostic wisdom and my familial lineage. As the years passed I increasingly sought isolated peace in Avalon's richly textured isles. Removed from the world, I was both sought and feared. My mystical ways and powers were little understood and so it was that I did what I could to remain obscure, yet available to those in physical and spiritual need. I welcomed pilgrims, such as you, to take sup and rest inside the rounded walls of my simple hermitage cloistered within the misty vale that rises high above Avalon's shallow lakes and estuary swamplands. Surrounded by pastures and apple orchards my home also hosted the netherworlds bridging human and faerie.

In the fair lands of France and Britain I also welcomed my grandson, Yeshua, his mother, Mary Anna, his beloved Mary, who is called the Magdalene, and others of the family. We partook of initiation mysteries in which a higher order of ascension was realized and recorded into the stones of these holy lands. These precious souls shall speak of things withheld through time. Their voices can now be heard by those of you who are prepared to awaken and demonstrate the power of the Grail seeded deeply within you. So it is that my words are far more than just the telling of my sojourn’s last remaining years.

Within the haven of Avalon most loved by me, I chose my final resting-place where I took my last conscious breath and stepped through the veil. My earthy garment remains deep within a tomb of stone below the place where the sacred feminine mound called Chalice Hill joins with the Druid's Tor. Today I often walk in ascended form where the fertile red spring of the goddess mates with the seminal white waters of the god near the ancient yew I planted almost 2,000 years ago.

Now I raise up a new song of ecstatic union and impassioned freedom to go out upon the beckoning winds. These words you read entreat, "Come hither, my beloved friend. Be Anna's guest. Come with me and enter into the fertile vale of the Divine Feminine. Together, we shall accomplish our work of redeeming love, not by force or untoward manipulation, rather, we shall gratefully yield up the anguishing fruits of further separation. Yes, my beloved friend, as promised before time, we shall herald the glad news with one voice, ‘It is finished!’ Amen and amen."

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