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(Please feel free to pass the Anna Messages along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)

Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.

Anna's Messages #2

     June 2006

(The following text is an edited transcription of an Anna Session occurring in May 2006 held in the Mount Carmel Sanctuary in Zion/Springdale, UT. Anna directs her comments through Claire to her two new co-creators, Catherine Ann Clemett and CW, and a visiting friend, JH.)


Anna: (To JH) Each of you has your particular piece to bring to the whole or you would not be here. It is good that there are four in number this night of our Inaugural (the first gathering of the new Mount Carmel community). You, JH, represent those individuals who will be coming forth from time to time to take the place of the “fourth or new creation” – the three plus one – the three that facilitate the triangulated alchemy that births a new creation – the cornerstone energy I call the fourth – the squaring of the circle. You, JH, as the fourth act as proxy, in a sense, for the emerging creation. You also represent those who come forth to contribute to what is being co-created. The other three of you are the primary anchors at this point for what is being established in Zion. As a triad, you become a vessel – a cup to receive the energy (the fourth) that is forthcoming to be immersed and transformed within it. As a triad, you are the compass that describes the encircling resurrection container – womb – tomb – grail.

As such, you are co-creating a kind of chrysalis, a place of transformation where the butterfly may be birthed. You, JH, as a representative of the outside world bring your dreams, visions and your interactions with humanity into what is being anchored and transformed here. The “fourth” brings new pulsations, new information, new touchstones as it were into the Zion/Mount Carmel crucible and as a cornerstone you bring stability of manifestation. You also bring outworn, limiting tribal consciousness that is seeking healing and empowerment. There is an exchange of energy – a kind of cross-pollination. After spending a short time here you then may take your transformed sense of self and what you have experienced, plus the frequencies of Zion, into the outer world. You seed a new frequency and usher it around and about with whom ever you meet. You become a kind of Johnny Appleseed emanating and scattering transformational frequency “seeds” wherever you go. This is what we did as a community of conscious initiates in Mount Carmel 2,000 years ago. This is what is done in one’s ordinary life anywhere, but here in this crucible of Zion the conscious transformation is more focused and accelerated.

All of you in this day are birthing yourselves into a new creation, a new order, a new awareness. You are at the cutting edge of a wave that is growing exponentially, covering this whole earth plane consciousness. More and more individuals readying themselves for the return of what is often called the Divine Feminine/Masculine and the Divine Mother/Father. With this return comes the balancing of the male and female, the harmonizing of opposite polarities and Twin Flame union. All is brought into balance and harmony, a new creation.

You are part of a gathering of what I call the family of Christ. These are those who have been anointed with light or have attained enlightenment and unity consciousness at some point of their evolution. And if you can see your journey as one eternal round where all your experiences are occurring simultaneously, you can then embrace the empowering awareness that ALL souls are the family of Christ. You are the ones at this juncture of Creator’s evolutionary cycles who have chosen to be seeded with specific light codes, that when activated, facilitate the ascension process for yourself and others. You have carried these light codes through many incarnations and many seasons upon this earth and other planets to facilitate the ascendancy of consciousness back into an awareness of oneness within the Creator Source. That has been our job description and we have each elected to accomplish that resurrecting work in this season of awakening.

There have been times and incarnations that we have had the tendency to forget that we as souls at some point of our evolution have attained this level of awareness. You are now remembering and merging with the ascended aspects of yourself. You are remembering why you are here and what is really happening amidst the chaos of your lives. You are finding each other and when you meet the remembrance is stirred. That is why it so important to create a place of sanctuary where you can feel safe to expose and to feel the full magnificence of your true identity. As you exchange your heart energy and soul remembrance of your connection through time and beyond time, you provide one another with a sense of comfort, abundant co-creative resources and activations of what has been hidden by yourselves to come forth into a much greater manifestation than you’ve previously known. You are not only remembering your soul stream as previous incarnations, but also experiencing your future selves and parallel selves merging with your present consciousness. Veils of forgetfulness are thinning and dissolving.

Within this Zion vortex you can sense that you are in many places at once. they are aware of the vortexes and interdimensional portals that open into many different realities. Within the vast monuments of sandstone that surround you in what is called Zion National Park, are crystalline structures that hold the history of this planet. There is the history of all the various groupings that have come forth onto this planet to facilitate the manifestation of many different life forms, including the humanoid expression.

This is, indeed, a womb of creation, a place of emergence, a place of beginnings, a place of re-genesis – a place of knowing. Here you may remember your relationship to the gene of Isis and your relationship to the Divine Mother, the creatrix of all life. It is no surprise that women are particularly drawn to Zion at this time, for it is that they recognize the Mother essence permeating throughout. However, there will be increasingly more men, as well, who will be drawn, as it were to the Mother’s skirts. This is not the only place on the planet, but it is one that has a primordial impulse that has never been removed or tampered with or distorted. That is not the case in many other places. When you visit other power sites that hold much memory of war and multiple layers of cultural imprinting you often have to go through many devious routes to get to the original creation pulse that holds the immaculate concept or design of the ascension of humanity on this planet and all life herein. Zion is one place where you can go direct to that original ascension blueprint. While you may have felt abandoned and lost here in third dimensional illusion, it is important to realize that there has always been your own personal “I AM the Way door” that opens into freedom when you are ready to cross the threshold.

(Photo at right taken by Catherine Ann Clemett:

View From Claire's House, Zion Canyon)

Assisting yourselves and one another to remember why you have returned to the earth plane is one of the key reasons for coming together as a community. It is not nearly as difficult to do as a grouping of what I call the family of Christ than it is if you are attempting to make your ascension alone. As we are passing through what is called the Shift of the Ages there is a collective desire to ascend as a group consciousness, a group Christ body. This impulse is gathering strength throughout the world, especially as the Divine Mother’s light is embodied by individuals. Increasingly, there is a deeply seated upsurge of maternal desire to embrace all one’s creation back into the heart of Divine Love.

Let it be known, my beloveds, that Zion is not limited to a specific location, but is a frequency of harmonizing love expressing through every awakening heart worldwide. There are nodal points throughout the earth grids that also hold this unifying frequency and therefore these geographical places can also be called Zion. Zion National Park is one of these gathering places that is especially powerful for facilitating the ascension process. A diversity of individuals are coming forth to Zion. Within each of them are ascension codes with specific frequencies unique to each individual. At this convergence point called Zion and within this chrysalis, we have the potential to bring all the ascension codes together as one holographic and harmonic whole. This is a time for intentional community. While each individual has the ascension hologram contained within their DNA, it is best activated by interaction with soul mates in conscious relationship. Each contains the whole, yet, until there is a coming together in unity consciousness you will not likely know the wholeness of the immaculate and cosmic design.

I tell you this immaculately conceived ascension/descension design has been held by immense ethereal beings that presence themselves at power sites throughout the world. The devic or angelic and elemental consciousness which is connected with the monuments of Zion is in concert with a level of creator consciousness called the Elohim. So that you may have increasing contact with the immaculate design of planetary ascension and the devic forces of this canyon, what the Peruvian shamans call the Apu, I encourage you to go out into nature as often as you can. As you tune into these soaring monolithic formations you will also attune to a coherent energy field of harmonic vibration. You can also begin to feel and witness that the “Apu” and Elohim desire to be in joyful co-creation with you as a representative of human consciousness. Sit on the rocks, be down by the river, and unite with the elements of the earth, the wind, the waters and the energy of the sun. Be receptive and just ask to be connected. And you will be!

This is one reason why we are called here tonight so that we may begin to initiate this co-creation of your selves with this place called Zion. This is not Portland, nor is it San Francisco, New York City or Dallas. It is Zion. And it has that name for a purpose. It is no mere coincidence that the land of Isis Ra ELohim – Israel – is also known as Zion. We are bridging two powerful force fields together. You are not doing this alone. There are also the ascended masters and those beings who are of the brothers and sisters of space, some of them who have never incarnated on this planet, who are vitally interested in what is happening at this time. There are also interdimensional beings of what is called “inner earth” who abide near this portal. We, as a Council of Light, are lending our hands and hearts in fellowship with the human family to realize the ascendancy of ALL consciousness.

Collectively, as a unified body of light, we are what you would call the New Jerusalem – a city of light, a city of universal peace. We are comprised of a number of councils, actually, and we are an over-lighting resource for what is occurring here in this particular area, this nodal point out of which a larger radius extends to include the entire Four Corners region as a place in which the energies of the New Jerusalem are emanating ascension frequencies – as above, so below. And as it is done here, so is it being done throughout the earth. You bring down the Light, we lift you up. Spirit and Matter, Light and Darkness merge into a golden brilliance. We are you and we together, as the New Earth, are the Radiant One – the New Jerusalem!.

Any questions about what I have just shared?

Catherine Ann: In what you said about the energies emanating, is Zion in the center or is it …?

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