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Other Anna Messages

(Please feel free to pass the Anna Messages along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)

Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.

Anna's Messages #3

     July 2006

(A continuation of the May 2006’s Anna session through Claire in the presence of Catherine Ann Clemett, CW, and a friend, JH, held in the Mount Carmel sanctuary in Zion, Utah.)


July 2006

Anna: As we have these gatherings, you will be experiencing the energy I am representing tonight moving into various different configurations. At times you will experience me more of a maternal vibration, at times more paternal. It is a blending, a coming and going; sometimes it will be very, very balanced. That is because I also wish to embody for you an increasing understanding of what it is to be a balanced masculine and feminine expression and to prepare you as well for your Twin Flame Union process.

Carolynn: Can you explain---

Anna: Oh, that one got a spark didn’t it?

JH: Can you explain that more fully, what you said about the twin flame process? Are you speaking of a physical union? I’d like to have more understanding of that.

Anna: It can be on many levels. I invited you to remember more of the cosmic presence of the Mother. Your twin flame is also a cosmic presence. It is that original aspect of you before there was the separated awareness of the masculine and feminine. It was more an awareness of the eternal inseparability of masculine and feminine polarity. This was before there ever was any kind of split or division of consciousness to know self as other. Your twin flame energy came of the very first split in the awareness, “I am That I am.”

There came into being an aspect that exhibited more the impulse of emanation and thrusting forth out of itself to know itself. And there was that which preferred to be the container and substance into which that impregnation occurs. That kind of understanding of masculine and feminine energy as it expressed at a cosmic level is a beginning point for knowing your self as an extension of this very first twin flame that came to know itself as complementary mirrors of energy. Your twin flame is of a cosmic frequency and it is huge and vast. It contains galaxies, many worlds and life expressions. It is never separate from you. You are that Self/I Am expressing in the densest and slowest frequency. You are that part of Self that chose to perceive itself as separate from its Creator and Beloved. I tell you it is far more energy than one individual can embody and stay in a physical body. There have not been any physical entities who have been able to continue to maintain their physicality in third dimensional understanding and embody their twin flame. Alright?

But through the evolutionary cycles of this earth plane there have been a number of embodied twin flame couples, who through their processes of evolution began to have the capacity to hold more and more of their cosmic consciousness without going poof. At a certain point when they crossed a frequency threshold in their process of merging they co-created a radioactive field and they disappeared from this reality. But they came together long enough in their physical bodies to spark and to anchor Twin Flame Union into this earth plane. There was a fusion that occurred. Those twin flame entities who realized this initiation into “group” ascension are the couples you know as Isis /Osiris, Mary Magdalene /Yeshua and Portia/St. Germain.

The aspects of your twin flame that are far more common are more what you would know as soul mates and sometimes twin souls. Twin souls are your twin flame energy that has come down in its distillation of frequency into physicality as an androgenous wholeness and who as a soul within the astral level chose to split into physicalized feminine and masculine gendered bodies. Usually one of these split halves remains on the other side of the physical veil to guide and prompt the other “half” who incarnates. Some rare exceptions where both incarnate at the same time are, for example, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Pierre and Marie Curie. These couples often have very harmonious relationships. There is usually very little karma to work out and they have a knowingness that they have a great work to do for humanity.

It is usually these couples that are held on the pedestal of the ideal romantic relationship because they activate remembrance of one’s twin flame, twin-soul, and most certainly the archetype of the “exiled” Bride or Bridegroom in search of one another. Anyone who has not reclaimed and merged their feminine and masculine energies yearns for wholeness as they project their missing masculine or feminine aspect on others and then dramatize unrequited love. This is the drama of pathos that sells romance novels and makes ordinary people movie stars. Everyone would like to have a mating scenario with a beloved in this glamorous “live happily ever after” fashion. But it is not likely that that is going to occur until the marriage of feminine and masculine aspects has occurred within one’s self. Wholeness attracts wholeness. You are here on this earth plane to accelerate your soul’s evolution into that Wholeness and to be of service so that you can eventually match the cosmic frequency of your twin flame.

Along the journey into remembered wholeness you will have many soul mates who come to you from your soul groupings to assist you as divine mirrors reflecting back to you how you are experiencing your self – are you whole or reacting to perceived lack of missing parts or judging the parts you have as unworthy of love? As a catalyst, your soul mate assists you to be whole and balanced with your masculine and feminine energies. This process brings increasing capacity for embodying the frequencies of your twin flame. Soul mates assist you through the purification process so that you can say “Yes!” to more Divine Love. They assist you to be one with your Beloved I AM and Christ presence so that you can have a unified perspective and can choose to move beyond dualistic dramas into the unity that is Twin Flame.

At this particular stage of your accelerated evolution it’s very unlikely to have one partner for all your life. You will likely go through a number of soul mate mirrors on your life’s journey because each ascending level attracts its identical embodied energy frequency. Along the way you will manifest reflections of both your empowered and disempowered consciousness. These may exhibit all manner of relationship with you, from parents and siblings to teachers and friends, even so called enemies or abusers. Each of you has chosen to assist one another to remember love even if it means embodying some very uncomfortable roles to play out the victim and the tyrant. Then you can forgive and you can forget and let go and move on.

Gradually as you evolve as a harmonizer of energies, the soul mates you attract (these are not necessarily your bedmates) provide more opportunities to influence grander numbers of individuals in an empowering way. The quality of your work, your service, your talents, and your gifts expand. The kind of partners or mirrors that you attract into your life are the ones that make it easier to accomplish more with your talents and spiritual gifts that is uplifting and empowering to your self and many others. As you are developing more capacity to love, you are tapping into the cosmic Mother/Father’s love and power to manifest your destiny as a co-Creator.

And as you love more and create more capacity for energy exchange, you are tapping into your twin flame on more and more of a cosmic level. You begin to embody your Beloved (twin flame) and you realize the Love you feel is yourself. When all is in alignment and sufficient clarity has been attained your twin flame energy will be yours to embrace. In the meantime, it is a journey of remembrance into how to capacitate and to embody that cosmic you in flesh and bone. After all is said and done, there is a lot of healing and clearing transmutation that is required. You must be able to continually step up the frequencies of your physical body and hold your perception of unity to be able to merge with so much energy and consciousness. You see?

So it is not the Hollywood romance you may be attached to by any means. Preparing to meet and merge with your twin flame will stir the pot grandly. It will bring out the most blatant expressions of polarity within self. For it is to understand that Twin Flame Union playing out in duality consciousness is one of meeting and merging with opposite and complementary expressions of energy. You have chosen this manner of knowing yourself so that you may return to an awareness of unity in which you can love without condition. What you call the Divine Mother is the ultimate expression of all-embracing love. So it is that when you align with the Divine Mother you can embrace all the parts of you that your separated consciousness most avoids and judges. You bring these aspects into the Heart of Love.

And this, beloveds, is why it is vital to welcome the return of the Divine Feminine and to allow the Divine Mother to express through you. As you do this you are simultaneously bringing yourself to your twin flame and your twin flame to you. Your journey may bring forth a twin-soul, but don’t wait around for that ideal lover to come to your empty bed. Or madly chase after a romantic phantom that prevents you from beholding your human partner who sits next to you to be any other than the twin flame energy you seek. For I tell you this, until you see every soul as your twin flame, you will not manifest Twin Flame Union. Everything comes to a completion and returns to a wholeness in Twin Flame Union – this is Divine Love exemplified. Does that make sense?

JH: Thank you.

Anna: So does that assist you beloveds? Any questions about what I have shared? Disappointments, or is this a relief?

Carolynn: No. I think everyone is looking for an explanation and that feels very comfortable. I appreciate it. It’s a very much higher ideal than most would consider. Most people are running around frantically looking for their twin flame. And I think the higher our frequency gets, the more love we become, the more we sense the presence of the twin flame ---

Anna: Absolutely! And you know, beloveds, you are then able to be with anyone of humanity and know that that one, no matter how they are expressing themselves, is also your twin flame – your Beloved. Just as Mother Teresa would hold the beggar dying in her arms and know that it was her beloved Christ, she was able to feel her twin flame energy there in her arms. She was intent on knowing twin flame love absolutely in that embrace and she brought that individual home into that knowing of love also.

JH: She is a great example of that.

Anna: Indeed. Do you know who her embodied twin flame was in that scenario even though this seems contrary to what I was just sharing? You would not think such an individual could hold any measure of the frequency I am talking about, but in the understanding of opposite mirrors in third dimensional duality, it was … (an infamous tyrant). So sometimes you don’t want to know who your twin is because it could be your polar opposite – especially if you, as Mother Theresa, is choosing to be very polarized on the “light” side of the coin.

Catherine Ann: Yeah, then your twin flame would be polarized in the opposite ---

Anna: That is correct in the understanding of duality in physicality. You are on the journey of what I call Twin Flame Union where you will eventually embody your twin flame at a cosmic level. As you move more and more into a unified understanding that is beyond dualism, you realize that both polarities are within yourself. Then you do not psychically split and fragment and require the opposite mirror any longer. At that stage when you really know that you don’t need another to complete you, nor are you avoiding the other who reflects what you used to judge as unlovable, it is then in a moment of non-expectancy that your twin on the other side of the veil will pop into apparent-cy.

This happened as I, myself as Portia (Anna later incarnated as Portia), popped into embodiment at the behest of my beloved Saint Germain after his wandering for 200 years as the so called superman of Europe. This came about at a time when Germain began to realize that what I had proposed to him earlier, when he was known as Francis Bacon, was his only hope for the fulfillment of his heart’s deepest yearning. It was after he became frustrated with his efforts to unify Europe and humanity that he began to call me forth once again. He had had a grand vision of assisting the peoples of Europe to know that they, too, could manifest miracles – that they, too, could know physical immortality as he exemplified. But they were just not getting it. And so he became rather disillusioned.

Then within every cell of his being he began to call forth his twin flame consciousness. As he did this, he met with Osiris, Isis, Yeshua and Magdalene on the inner planes. He became aware of their cosmic Twin Flame Unions. He realized that by joining with his own twin flame energy that he could merge with the Twin Flame Union hologram his mentors had accomplished. They collectively came to understand that they could eventually inspire and invite enough souls to join with them to co-create a critical mass that would exponentially tip the scale of separation consciousness to begin an accelerated return to unity consciousness. The great experiment of separation as it had expressed for millions of years could be recreated to express greater harmony instead of so much conflict and suffering. A mass ascension could occur. In that moment of realization, he became aware of me, who was also his twin-soul, hovering near him on the spiritual plane.

From my vantage point, I knew all was in readiness when every atom and cell of his being began to call me forth. And so it was that I chose to come in and be birthed as a child. I was the daughter of a prosperous vintner and keeper of wine whose winery nestled in the hills of your present day Alsace Lorraine, not too far from Strasbourg. Thirteen years passed. Then one late afternoon in the season of the Virgin – Virgo I was walking in my father’s vineyard. Some of the earlier grapes had been plucked but there were still quite a few grapes left to ripen before the killing frost. The other laborers had gone back to their abodes. My parents were accustomed to me walking alone and they did not worry for my welfare. They allowed me to walk freely amongst the fields and within the vineyards.

The twilight was gathering as the sun was bringing forth its very last glimmerings of golden hues. I was slowly walking and pausing amongst the last grapes of the season before they were plucked and hauled to the wine vats. I would take a shiny orb, hold it up to the light, smell of its fragrance and participate with its succulent sweetness. I felt at one with all of my surroundings. The twittering of bird song wafted on a gentle breeze as a lark sang his last fervent love song to his mate before the night gathered all into a stillness.

Anna, as an aside: This is all in the twin-souls book. Anyway, I am just embellishing it a bit. (Anna is referring to “St. Germain: Twin-souls & Soul Mates” by Azena Ramanda and Claire Heartsong).

Carolynn: Juicy details… no pun intended… juicy grapes.

Anna: The pun is quite intended, beloveds, because you are the grapes that the Vintner gathers to make fine wine – the ascended ruby.

Now back to my story.

I felt a presence, but I did not turn from my celebration of the beauty within my midst, within my bosom. I carried on with the little song that I was sharing with the beauty of life that was welling up in me and all around me. Looking to the western horizon I beheld the virgin star that was hovering, my beloved Venus. And then I heard a foot fall and a rustling of leaves. Startled, I turned around and looked upon a most wondrous vision of a man. I began to feel an expansion of my heart that left me mute and deaf for a few moments as I watched his sunburned face and animated lips shape unheard words. Then at last I heard a most gentle and kind voice speaking in ways I could barely understand. He looked as one of the laborers, no different really. I thought him to be quite handsome, you know, like any young girl could easily imagine her prince riding a fine steed and going off with him to his magical kingdom without a care or a worry.

As I considered him more fully, I noticed that he was dressed in simple clothing. His homespun shirt was rolled up, exposing tanned fine-boned arms. His wool trousers wore a bit of a patch on the knees. He looked just like one of my brothers or any common laborer in the field, except that his outer clothing didn’t conceal his noble bearing. At first I looked fleetingly into his eyes, and then as if I were a moth caught in a flame, we gazed transfixed for what seemed like eternity. Looking into the pools of his eyes seemed as if I were looking into the starlight of the heavens that were flashing bolts of lightning.

It was quite a wonderment for me to behold and to sense what was occurring within my breast. And then this one, recovering his silver-throated eloquence said to me many, many beguiling words. I noted of him no intent to do harm, nor any intent to seduce me with sexual ardor. I felt from him an immense desire – a sense of homecoming, a sense of relief. I felt an irresistible pull to be close to him. It wasn’t the way I felt when I ran into the arms of my father nor was it the way I imagined lovers desired to embrace. It was more like the sense of running into and through the gates that would take me to my true home. It was like running into my self – into the aspects of love that were hiding from me and were now calling me to enter the depths of my being.

It was as if he were there opening me to the very essence of who I knew myself to be. I had not ever experienced that kind of love with anyone else before. And I was in awe as he continued to spiel forth all kinds of wondrous verbiage. Some of it just went over my head because I had little education. He went on and on with all manner of lofty words flaunting my beauty and grace. Finally it was like – enough! And I said to him, “You know, my dear brother, I am but your mirror.” And with that he sucked in a deep breath of air and became speechless. We stood face to face for an eternal moment in silence as we gazed into one another’s eyes and into the beyond. Then he reached out his hand and I took it gladly.

Again there was no hint or whisper that he would take advantage of me. Nor did I fear the continuing darkening of the heavens as the diadems of light pulsed in the blackness of space. The stars shone with a brightness that I had never beheld before. It was as if the sweetness and softness of the vineyard was like a warm quilt gathering us to itself as we walked ever so slowly amongst the grapes.

At the edge of the vineyard was a very large sycamore tree that seemed to beckon us to pause beneath its immense arms. We settled ourselves on the grasses that grew among the roots of its very wide girth. As we leaned back onto its smooth broad trunk, we clasped one another’s hands sensing both a deep relaxation and a slow but steady upsurge of what seemed like some kind of mysterious urgency. Our breathing began to synchronize as if we were one being receiving and giving of Life’s inflow and outflow. Then he pulled me gently into his arms.

As we looked into one another’s eyes, we began to experience the gates of eternity opening and opening. And we began to experience through that opening the emergence of many beings of light. I became aware of my beloved Yeshua. I became aware of Magdalene. I became aware of the Mother of Mothers that we know as Isis and her beloved Osiris. I became aware of whirling suns that were dancing and merging and bursting forth supernova after supernova after supernova of creation upon creation. We were pulled into the very center of this spiraling dance of all manner of worlds and colors and sounds.

Then my beloved and I began to feel the immensity of the energies that have created the force fields of separation – the source of humanity’s suffering. We began to feel an increasing oneness with every human heart that has ever lived upon the earth plane. We began to feel that there was no separation between us and the rest of humankind or any other expression of life. At first we felt nothing but joy and bliss. Then we became aware of our human brothers and sisters who perceived us separate from them. No sooner had we done this than we simply began feeling the feelings that humanity has felt in all the worlds that perceive polarity in conflict rather than being in harmonious synchronicity with itself. We opened ourselves to feel every human emotion. And we began to dance with both joy and agony as that energy circulated through our chakras.

We felt the cycles of the earth mother moving through us. And while, on the one hand, we felt an intense pull of ever deepening implosion, we also felt that we were being pulled out and stretched into a vast endless expanse. There was a pulse of going deeply inward like being pulled into a black hole followed by a movement that seemed to explode us outward. Then we felt the push and the pull at the same time. We became increasingly aware that we were no longer the young lass and the man who chanced to meet in a vineyard. There was no more body consciousness.

Somehow we remembered how to allow the intense energy to move through us. I remembered doing this as a priestess of Isis and as a Magdalene in earlier incarnations. I began to embody the consciousness of Mary Magdalene and all the Magdalenes who have resurrected consciousness through time. As I did this, I began to embody more and more of the energy of Mother Isis. Gradually I realized my consciousness was expanding and expanding into the energy of the great Cosmic Mother who is beyond the ability of words to describe. I could see that while I embodied more of the Divine Feminine, my beloved was embodying the energy of Yeshua and Osiris and the Cosmic Father. We began to weave the patterns of the Mother as if she were the silver light of the moon and the Father’s golden rays of sunlight into ‘a brilliance’ where it was no longer reflective darkness, nor was it emanating light – it became a merged radiant brilliance. It was like we were part of a super nova that was very pregnant with the seeding of a new universe. With each alchemical pulsation of implosion and explosion, we could feel a fusion of our cosmic twin flame energy. And with this radioactive force, as it was focused and moved through our physical forms, we knew that our Twin Flame Union was permeating every atom of this earth.

Then in a moment of time our physical forms stepped across the threshold into the forevermore. In one another’s arms we took our ascension. We left the imprint of our victory within every stone and element. Within the codes of your DNA is the hologram of our Union.

I have chosen to come forth in this fashion to assist you to remember. I am here to invite you to join together as a harmonious global community to accomplish a greater work than you did during the Christ Drama 2,000 years ago. I share my story with you, to reassure you, to comfort you, to invite you into this Twin Flame Union dance that has been dancing you awake for a long, long, time. I invite you to walk with me in the vineyard of Zion. I invite you to walk with humanity and midwife them into the ultimate Twin Flame Union. Everyone is seeded and those seeds are growing ripe. I know all this boggles the mind. Indeed, you cannot comprehend it with your minds. Yet, if you tune into your deepest heart’s knowing you can begin to feel your twin flame calling you into an even greater union than you have allowed yourself to imagine.

Catherine Ann: And so this is part of where we are going when separation consciousness ends and polarization consciousness ends. Is that the same process as the twin flame energy coming together?

Anna: Yes.

Catherine Ann: Where there is no polarity anymore?

Anna: There is polarity but there is not the degree of conflict that you’ve been choosing. So the dissonance will not be what it has been. You will have shifted out of that range into a much more harmonic frequency.

Catherine Ann: And so to have this happen on a planetary mass level is it like reaching a critical mass –

Anna: Indeed.

Catherine Ann: That a certain number of people raise their consciousness and embrace their twin flame.

Anna: Indeed. Exactly.

Catherine Ann: I mean not every human has to come to that place it’s just a critical mass and that is what this community is a part of.

Anna: Generating that critical mass. And the more that you can tune into and embody this higher frequency that is held here the easier the birthing process is going to be for yourselves and others. The earth and humanity has crossed enough of the dissonant thresholds to begin to tip the scales. It only requires a relatively few who are matching their frequencies with that of their twin flame consciousness to create critical mass. It’s very much like twisting a spindle and bringing what’s in – OUT, as it were.

Catherine Ann: And so the more we are able to step into that and hold the space communally, it not only raises the frequency but it draws the people who are ready to also remember and be activated by the hologram frequency of Twin Flame Union that is already seeded in their DNA.

Anna: Exactly.

Catherine Ann: The magnetism is there.

Anna: Let’s look at a possible scenario that might cause you to feel angry or fearful. What if you were to get all up in arms with your President’s decisions to do this and that and another? What if you were to get involved in a fearful way with all the people involved with the conspiracy movement or religious fundamentalism? And you were writing to your congressmen and you were writing to all of your peers through the Internet and you were saying you’ve got to get busy and you’ve got to take action against this particular thing that is happening. What would be the result of that action if you were angry and fearful, even if it were justified?

JH: You’d increase what you fear or are angry about, so to speak.

Anna: Indeed. And taking that kind of action you’d be pushing your twin flame away.

Carolynn: Your frequency drops.

Anna: Exactly.

Carolynn: It’s a terribly agitated way to be.

Anna: Exactly. Does that mean that you do not do something about the situations that are impeding liberty and justice and freedom?

Carolynn: It’s about what is in your heart and what you think and how you are going about it.

Anna: As individuals begin to embody, transmute and harmonize both polarities within themselves they can create a harmonizing ripple effect wherever they are, whether it’s in congress, the White House or on the battlefield. Just one person who is empowered with twin flame energy can work miracles and can change entrenched laws that impede freedom. When you know that war and conflict in the world or in your families is a reflection of your own inner battle and you find resolution within self, then the outer reflection will begin to change – sometimes without even doing anything to change it. There’s a peace and calm that comes and an ability to respond in appropriate ways instead of reacting in a knee-jerk fashion. There is wisdom, there is compassion and there is also an ability to step up, take a stand and do what is required at this time.

You may have noticed that people who resonate with what is called New Age are in massive denial. Everything is beautiful and “all there is… is love, love, love…” What I am saying does not mean to have no boundaries or to avoid taking action when it’s necessary. I am inviting you to embrace all the energy that comes onto you for it is a gift of your self to your self so that you can know and love yourself more fully. Once you claim the gift of self-awareness and choice, you don’t have to live with it unless you choose to have its ongoing reflection. It is to be wise and gentle with your self while you are going through the process of learning how to transmute the toxic and discordant energy within yourself. Do not hesitate to say “No!” when something or someone’s presence is harmful or is lowering your frequency. Do not give your power away to an authority outside yourself, even if it’s coming from an ascended consciousness like mine. My approach to sovereignty and union is a pragmatic course that encourages prosperity of health and wealth on this earth plane. If your ascension process is not increasing your mastery on the physical plane, then it will not take you all the way. That is, you will not know how to be the full spectrum of energy that is involved in Twin Flame Union.

It’s not necessary to dramatize your internal discord in order to transmute it. In fact, that is one way to keep the drama going. Instead of projecting it outward, there is much that you can do internally in your meditations, in your healing sessions and in your dream time. However, I suggest a word to the wise when you approach people or situations where you are engaged as a healer. If you go in with an invalidating judgment in which you think there is something to fix or to rescue, you will most likely feed into the discord. Allow everyone to have the experiences that they are choosing, for they are gaining wisdom. Instead, consider the power of your example and issue an invitation to consider more expanded options.

It is time for us to stand impeccably in a place of balance and harmony knowing we are truly expressions of love. It’s easier said than done when there are all kinds of chaos reigning, but you have lots of assistance so that we together can accomplish more than we ever have in earth’s long history. So, my beloveds, remember your cosmic Mother’s love and your twin flame’s empowering presence that you touched and that touched you this evening. May this always be a comfort to you as you remember and choose Twin Flame Union.

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