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Other Anna Messages

(Please feel free to pass the Anna Messages along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)

Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.

Anna's Messages #4

     August 2006

From An Anna Gathering in Zion, UT July 22, 2006

Claire Leads A Meditation

Please place your awareness in your heart centers and feel or remember an experience of gratitude. Rest in this comforting and coherent feeling of gratitude as it expands and uplifts your consciousness.

As you do so, become aware of the precious breath of life that comes from Creator Source and know that you are an extension of that breath and consciousness and intelligence and being-ness here now. It is this that beats your heart. It is this that is breathing you and animating every cell of your body. It is in co-creation with you as you bridge the heaven realms of unified consciousness and the more physical earth dimensions which hold patterns of separation. As a sovereign consciousness within the One you experience this spectrum of consciousness as both harmonious and discordant. Please know that the only purpose for these contrasting force fields is to assist humanity on this earth plane to know and consciously choose love within the mirrored play of perceived opposites. Through the gift of choice we become empowered, we become wise and we become compassionate loving beings as we realize our interconnection with all of life. Within your heart of gratitude please feel the power and love and wisdom that permeate your entire being as we now experience a sound meditation and welcome the expanded consciousness we know as Anna. (A sound meditation follows.)

Anna: Greetings, my beloveds, ‘tis Anna, and I welcome you here to this sanctuary, to this family of love. We have some wondrous energy here.

The energies of Zion are welcoming all of you as well as the consciousness you bring from distant places. Those of you who live within this region, I thank you for your presence and the manner in which you allow this vortex to be anchored so beautifully into the earth plane through your lives. This does not go unnoticed by those of us with the ability to see the effect of your lives and the light substance that flows through you and ripples out from here and through the grids to support life throughout.

We have some questions:

Audience Member:

I felt very emotional when I came into Zion, especially seeing the beautiful white rock. Can you tell me if I am connected here?

Anna: Meaning the Great White Throne?

Audience Member: Yes

(Photo at right taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: Great White Throne during a March snowstorm)

Anna: It’s been calling you for a very long time, dear. It’s a live Presence, connected grandly with the New Jerusalem (a vast field of higher frequency consciousness that holds a unified pattern for humanity so that we can eventually heal separation and co-create a harmonious and balanced New Earth). Yes, beloved, you are connected.

Those of you who have not yet read the message that was transcribed onto the website about Zion, you may wish to take a look at that. (June 2006 message) Those who don’t get to come into this canyon very often, by all means do connect with the Great White Throne while you are here. At the end of the canyon road there is another very powerful area called the Temple of Sinewava. In this sacred area is a trailhead that will take you along the Virgin River. I encourage you to go and sit by the Virgin’s verdant banks. Allow yourself to be as still as possible and attune to the energies that have brought you here. It can be very healing. This area is a sanctuary appropriately named Zion. You may feel a still calmness within your being even though there are many souls that visit during this season. This is a place where you can feel the energies of Home and have ancient codes activated.

Claire and the others of this household are very desirous of anything that you would wish to share about the records you may access that are held within these monuments. You may also experience the ethereal presence of ancient ones who once lived here. You may sense that these are in some way connected to you, perhaps even feeling that you once walked here yourself. Consider that you may be their future selves returned. You are the ones that you have been waiting for. This is a place of remembrance of ancient civilizations that have walked this earth before ever it was a vast desert. Millions of years ago this was a garden place, verdant and lush. It was visited by giants and all manner of very interesting creatures and beings that star-seeded this earth. The records of that time, and even before, and since, are held here. You are the code breakers, so to speak, awakening and remembering your contribution to life and the purposes for which you co-created this very beloved planet.

(Please meditate on the light orbs and pictographs in the photos below. What, if anything, do you experience within the context of what Anna has just shared?)

(Photo at left taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: Two orbs of light captured at the entrance to a cave containing petroglyphs in Zion National Park. There is a more faint smaller orb to the right of the large visible orb on the top left side of the picture. The cave opening is rather large probably about 40 feet or more wide and 75 feet or more high.)

You are a lineage of light that has returned to restore harmony and balance to this beloved orb of the heavens, especially at this time. You bring unity of consciousness that heals the wounds of separation. These stones still hold your prayers and songs of beauty, healing and wisdom. Upon the red sandstone you will find records of your interdimensional and off-planet experiences and lineages. Here in this pristine place you may begin to remember what is recorded deeply in your bones. It is good that you are here.


All of us who live in Zion are in gratitude to be here as gatekeepers and silent ones who welcome and nurture those of you who come from afar to be cross-pollinated. Zion is one of those places where you can go sit on a rock and ‘wake up.’ Thank you for a powerful question. Namaste’

(Photo below taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: Petroglyphs inside the cave pictured above. Others have experienced orbs here before. The petroglyphs tell the story of an ancient people's spiritual journey.)

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