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Other Anna Messages

(Please feel free to pass the Anna Messages along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)

Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.

Anna's Messages #5

     September 2006

Excerpts From Anna Gatherings in Zion


(On this particular evening a very large wild fire had just begun its purification process. It eventually swept across the Kolob Plateau section of Zion National Park burning 18,000 acres. We had been alerted to the possibility of an evacuation. We are including this meditation here as a possible meditation you might wish to use in your planetary service wherever you are.)


We acknowledge Mother Earth and the Fire element, particularly this evening as the fire burns out of control on Kolob. We wish to acknowledge the fire element within ourselves that assists us in assimilating our life experiences, that digests the foods that fuel us, that fires up passion in our loins and adrenal glands giving us energy for our day’s creative endeavors. We acknowledge this powerful force that gives us movement and momentum to our soul’s experience in physicality. We are in immense gratitude for the eternal flame that also burns within our heart center that is our very soul and Creator Source giving us conscious awareness and breath.

(Photo at right taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: View of fire on Kolob Plateau on the other side of West Temple rock. Picture was taken from Claire's house looking back up towards West Temple behind her house. Her roof can be seen in the lower left corner of the picture. Fortunately the wind shifted averting evacuation. The fire was extinguished within a week.)

And with awareness of our soul energy permeating our physical body, we ascend now upward on a vertical axis and through a corridor of light. Sensing now above our heads a golden crown representing our sovereign Christ Presence; and above the crown, a brilliant star representing our I Am Presence; and above that and extending in all directions, we honor our Cosmic Father/Mother, Creator of the All.

And now bringing awareness to your hearts and sensing a descending current of energy from Father/Mother Source, through our beloved mighty I Am, through that part of our ascended consciousness we call the Anointed Radiant One, our Christ and Buddha Presence until it rests in the center of your brain which is now illumined with light. Experience now that your hemispheres are balanced, left and right, before and behind, above and below. We experience now a greater capacity to see as our I Am sees, to hear and know as our I Am and Christ Presence hear and know. We begin now to feel as the Divine Mother feels. We now know that in spite of the fear and discord that all is in divine order - ALL IS WELL.

Following this current and blessing, let it gather and well up within your grail heart. We now call forth balancing energies to rest in our individual hearts and within our collective, unified heart. We feel an ascending current from the Great Central Sun that lies deep within Mother Earth. We acknowledge the balanced masculine and feminine presence of this planet ascending, and we acknowledge all the elements; earth, fire, water, air and spaciousness. We invoke the over-lighting devic presences of these monuments in this canyon and the Great White Throne and the Kolob Plateau in particular. We give thanks to the great devic presences now facilitating any transmutation of a karmic nature that is desiring to be cleansed and purified and brought up to a higher frequency of consciousness within the earth, within all living things, whether they be the stone and plant people, those who creep and crawl, the winged ones, the four-leggeds and the two-leggeds. We honor all life, especially focused here in Zion.

We rest in an attitude of gratitude for our lives, for the blessing of living here and visiting from time to time. We honor the blending and merging and cross-pollinating of the frequencies of light that we carry. May the codes of ascension and descension, the divine cosmic blueprint of harmonious union and balance of the masculine and feminine, the above and the below, conscious light and unconscious darkness, the within and the without merge now in oneness in the still center of our unified heart.

If you wish please call forth any of the ascended masters, angels of healing, the Great Teachers, loved ones, ancestors, and your children to join with us within this nexus point of Zion. Please call forth any particular healing for yourself and for any aspect of life that you wish to bring into this sacred hoop. We will rest in silence now for a minute or two.

(A chanting meditation before welcoming Anna)


More about the I Am Presence

In response to your query, please pause for a moment and go within. Your I Am presence is not separate from you and you will only find it by going within. As you become aware of your heart center beating and the flow of the breath of life moving through you lungs, and your connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky, imagine an extension or a sense of verticality, a tube of light descending through your crown, through the center of your body in front of your spine, through your perineum and down into the core of the earth. Allow your awareness of this vertical flow of energy and light to extend as far as feels comfortable above and below you. As you arise and are lifted up in your consciousness, feel how easy it is, indeed, to experience this upliftment while at the same time experiencing your connection to this beloved planet through the physical instrument of your body. Feel that your physical body is likewise connected as you ascend this corridor of light into the heaven realms above you - above, only because it symbolizes a higher frequency, a faster representation of light and expanded consciousness. This is not just hovering above, it is also interpenetrating your physical body, your emotional body, your mental and causal bodies, indeed, all the subtle aspects of you in time and beyond time.

There are some who would say that the I Am Presence would never experience or lower itself into the physical dimension. I say to you, beloveds, that your I Am is right here, right now, enlivening every little cell and relishing the experience of being here on this earth plane. It is true that your I AM Presence is always in unity consciousness. I invite you to consider that this unity consciousness embraces ALL consciousness. It instantly acknowledges, embraces and transmutes any consciousness that perceives in separation. You have evolved enough in this lifetime to become aware of your I AM Presence within all your relationships and your creations. You are, as it were, becoming increasingly conscious and aware that you are a walking I Am Presence here on this earth plane.

One way in which you may increasingly come to know that, is to make a practice each day of connecting to this Source-ness of you, this Beloved One who has a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree point of view of you. There is no concern you might have that the Beloved I AM does not have an interest in, no pain nor difficulty, nor challenge that this One does not have the answer, the healing energy, and the love that can anoint and wash and cleanse and purify, and bring you into greater awareness of your divinity. Once you know your I AM Presence anchored within your heart, you simultaneously know you are never separate from your Creator God Presence – and the Goddess Presence, as well.

On your journey to remember and BE the I AM you may experience your Christ and/or your Buddha Presence as a mediating savior or guru who brings the light of conscious awareness to the darkness of ignorance. As you merge with this unity consciousness you may become aware that you are on a path of completing your experiences of duality and separation. Then you may cross a threshold in which you come to know that this beloved I Am That I Am is your very Self. Everything that you gaze upon and feel through your senses, all that you smell and you taste, as your cells become activated, cleansed and expanded into more and more subtle awareness are the expanded senses of your I Am. You realize that your eyes are the eyes of your I Am. Your ears are the ears of your I Am. Your hands and your feet, your mouth, all of the orifices, every little cell; every pore is a portal through which your God/Goddess Presence experiences Life in every possible dimension.

This is the process of ascension or enlightenment of consciousness. To be ascended means that you become increasingly aware that through your I Am connection you are one and the same with All as One interconnected wholeness.

So allow your love of your immortal Beloved to bless you now. Allow the eternal Lover to pour out a blessing upon your head and anoint you with light and union’s sweet nectar. To drink of this elixir of life is to know there is indeed no death that separates. There are only portals into greater awareness of who you are in all dimensions, in time and in no time, in form and in the formless, in the relative and the absolute. I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am.

Relish this moment as you rest within the heart of your I Am, your sovereignty exemplified, the One Unified Wholeness exemplified, your Self, a walking I Am here on this earth plane. Choose to know that you are empowering yourself as does a living Christ once you breathe in unity as all life breathes as one. Be comforted in the Divine Mother’s love for it is She who is the Great Embracer returning all creation to the Heart of Love. Indeed, consciousness is beginning to realize that being an embracer of all expressions of consciousness, while honoring the path of the conscious warrior, is a more empowering way to resolve conflict. As you become increasingly aware that you are “all of it” and stop projecting your shadow outward so that you maintain external division and war, you begin to joyfully weave light and darkness into a golden brilliance. Within this alchemy, consciousness perceives differently. The ego that clutches to its separate identity is transmuted. You can honor duality for the gifts it brings but not align with it. In gratitude and unity you perceive the heavenly realms that are always present.

Choosing harmony instead of war, allow that peace that passeth all understanding to enfold you. Breathe deeply and allow your Beloved space to be consciously present within every little cell. For I say to you, your I AM Presence is here.

You have heard my beloved grandson say, “Where two or more are gathered, there I Am.” So allow that which is your own interior experience to be amplified and magnified so that the I Am, the Creator of the All, may be glorified through you as a vessel of peace and a conscious co-creator of a New Earth. Gently turn now to your neighbor. Now close your eyes and go within, centering within your own sovereignty. And when you are ready, begin to sense the perceived other who is your neighbor. And when you have a sense of welcomed opening, I invite you to very gently and slowly begin to open your eyes and to softly gaze upon the face before you. With a smiling heart, gaze into the eyes of the soul who is gifting you with this precious gift of knowing your self through perceived other. As you gently gaze into your beloved’s eyes, behold your Beloved I Am in the mirror of you in this holy moment. Be aware of your breath and your beloved’s breath. Be aware of the Beloved breathing both of you. If you wish, you may synchronize your breath so that you feel a gathering unity.

See through the masquerade of physicality and persona. There is only One here in diversity to celebrate and have a party. Let go of the need to struggle, to work so hard to win the love of your Creator. Be that loving Creator here now. Rest, relax and be open. It’s all right to be in your human skin, no place to go, nothing to do. Breathe and relax into this wonder and beauty and grace. And as you breathe together, become aware of your deepening inbreath and outbreath creating a sense of homecoming, safety and nurturing. Breathe and relax. Now become aware that there is a small space that exists between your inhales and exhales. Bring your attention to this space between your breaths. Without effort just be aware of this space widening and affording a more spacious view of your self and your beloved before you. Simply allow your experience to be what it is.

Perhaps you are sensing within this gap – this space between breaths, that it is easier to be with your beloved in unity, with more of your self present in the here and now. There may be a greater sense that you are connected to a greater Oneness – the Beloved I AM. Bring your awareness back to your in-breaths and out-breaths…. Sense a return of polarity….Now return to the gap and remember unity once again. We will now hold that sense of unity while also being aware of the polarity expressing through your inhales and exhales. Sense that it is this expanding unity consciousness that easily and gracefully embraces polarity at the same time. Breathe this healing awareness into every cell encouraging more relaxation and spaciousness within your body and mind. Breathe and relax….

You are all of it! Rejoice! Celebrate! Let your heart smile! Let the golden child of innocence within you laugh!

When you are ready acknowledge your beloved partner for being vulnerable and authentically present for you and then return to your self feeling both the freedom of sovereignty and the unity of connection. Rest in the Infinite Light of your Beloved I Am feeling energized and uplifted on every level of your being.

I leave you now in the knowing that being your Beloved I Am allows you to know the delight of both doing and being as a divine and wondrous and celebrative dance of sovereign freedom and ecstatic union.


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