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Other Anna Messages

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Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.


Anna's Messages #6

     October 2006


Excerpt from an Anna Gathering in Zion

Question: Could you please give us more information about Anna’s experience with suspended animation and physical immortality?

ANNA: I am consulting with the Councils of Light to look for the appropriate response to that question.

This is a broad topic, one that I devoted considerable energy and focus. In that lifetime I knew it was my calling. It’s not everyone’s calling, you understand, I just came to know that I, Anna, had an opportunity to remember and participate in processes that would facilitate my desire to be more masterful in my walk upon the earth plane by retaining my consciousness over an extended period of time. In this way I believed I could know mastery within physicality and be of greater service to life.

It was chosen contrary to how the ego might choose physical immortality as a way to delay perceived death and aging and other concerns that burden the ego mind. For the ego nature, which is fear-based, tries to flee from the impermanence that constantly threatens its illusory existence. It seeks power and self-aggrandizement. To drink of the Fountain of Youth has always been sought by those who have not fully connected with their immortal consciousness beyond form. As I went deeper into the experiential science of physical immortality, I could say that the journey at times was quite arduous, not something that everyone is going to stay with once the truth of the matter is known. I say that, not to discourage you from that exploration, or to say it is not possible for you to accomplish, for it is. That is, if you know clearly that this is yours to do. Do you follow me on that?

First of all let’s be clear that achieving physical immortality is in no way superior to repetitive incarnations. In other words, the moving in and out of incarnation has no particular, what shall we say, a penalty, or is something you would wish to avoid in contrast to having your life last hundreds of years in one body. Sometimes there is a judgment upon what has been called the “Fall of Consciousness” into physicality as if to be physical is inherently against divine will and is a punishment for disobedience. That is an extremely limiting belief together with many other dogmas that attempt to control and disempower consciousness through fear. This numbing and contracting effect causes many to fall asleep to any awareness of their limitless potential.

One potential is physical immortality for any one who chooses to align more so with an awareness of the eternality of life while paradoxically knowing that the forms life takes are impermanent. Physical form is energy always changing as it crosses some kind of transformational threshold. Pure consciousness evolves through its journey within the relative worlds while it is also resting within Silent Emptiness. Rather than put so much emphasis on my achieving physical immortality, it is more empowering to focus on your own attainment of spiritual immortality which is every initiate’s journey and potential.

There have been in the records that you call your holy book, the examples of lives of individuals that lasted for quite a long time. You have mention of Methuselah and other patriarchs who lived hundreds and even thousands of years. Do you believe it? And what happened? Why did the life span shorten?

Perhaps souls became more aware that there are opportunities for accomplishing a variety of many different things instead of staying in one body for an extended time. Perhaps the bottom line is that they got bored. There began to be a desire for many different perspectives gained through many different cultures and diverse beliefs and experiences. There was a desire for diversity.

Did I have diversity in my long life? To some extent I did, but in other ways I did not. I watched a flow of one particular culture create its history and karma. I continued to maintain, for the most part, my awareness in that particular culture. That was one reason, in terms of the diversity, that I was so vitally interested in gathering wisdom from other cultures. That was why I became a scribe and learned how to astral travel so that I wasn’t limited by my physical body. Indeed, as I gained physical mastery I teleported to various locations so that I could have first-hand experience. I was very interested in creating the library at Mt Carmel so that the wisdom of a number of cultures could come into a kind of synthesis there, and into a synthesis within me as well. I had a desire to continue to maintain my consciousness in one body, rather than go through the process of repeatedly awakening within veils of forgetfulness. As I began to glimpse a greater vision for being of service by preparing my body and consciousness to receive the souls of avatars, I became even more motivated to retain and evolve the awakened consciousness I had attained.

Perhaps part of my motivation was simply to be “out of the box,” somewhat outrageous, if you know what I mean. Needless to say, my long life still has some scratching their heads and many still consider what I accomplished as an impossible heresy. But then, how could there be hope for something better and a willingness to let go of the status quo without someone stepping up and being some kind of inspiration for attempting to be one’s fullest potential? After all, we are Creator incarnate and no thing is impossible with God. As you recall, my grandson always reminded us, “You, too, can do the things you see me do and even more may you do.”

Living so long in one body required times of just plain R&R – a time for rest and regeneration. You might not experience it as a picnic, however, when your hair falls out, your skin sloughs off and brings forth new skin as smooth as a baby’s and your teeth fall out and you hope the new ones come in. There are some in your day who go to Las Vegas for a face lift…but, I tell you my facelift process was “really taking it to the bone!”

I would often go into retreat with masters who knew how to do this. There has been and continues to be a secret lineage who know the mysterious science of physical and spiritual immortality. Many presently live in the Himalayas, but you can find them scattered across the earth living simple lives and being of service in ways that few can comprehend. You may know of one such being. I mention him in my story as Yeshua’s teacher and friend, the avatar Babaji. He is still with you today. It was with such ones that I was initiated and trained. This is one reason I went to Egypt. I was about the age of Claire’s embodiment, in my early sixties. That was a long life by the standard of that time when life expectancy was grandly reduced and the nature of life was so arduous. I had begun the process of aging. The wise, ancient ones recognized my soul and I recognized them and asked for their grace and wisdom, which they benevolently bestowed upon me. They would take me off into various caves and up into the mountain tops. They taught me various ways of stilling my vital signs during which I allowed these rather grotesque regeneration processes. Needless to say I was humbled as I let go any remaining ego agendas for being powerful or attractive to the opposite sex.

(Above photo taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: St. Baume in southern France is a cave in the hillside that was used for initiations by the Essenes and may have been one of the caves that Anna used. Today it is a Roman Catholic Chapel.)

Cellular regeneration took a tremendous amount of focus and compassion as I became aware of the many levels of my consciousness that required regeneration. For it was not just my physical body; but it was also the cellular matrix of my ancestors and their imprinted karmic patterns that I brought to more coherent frequencies. I holographically entered and read the hall of records of my past, parallel and future experiences. I had a desire to know the karmic patterns that were impacting humanity generally, and seeing into the future, what could possibly be mine to bring forth in the understanding of a family who could share with me these various codes of wisdom and light. I became intimate with the ones who were instrumental in initiating and preserving the ways of ascension throughout the cosmos. I became familiar with many star lineages that were encoded in my genetic patterns. I had a great desire to clean up the discordant baggage I was carrying and to become more conscious of the gifts of my heritage.

I ingested very high frequency elements or monatomic particles that assisted in creating a radiation field that restructured my organs, bones and cells to be able to hold more light and cosmic intelligence. I was “buried alive” in what could be called heavy water that held all manner of nutrients. My body was shrouded with cloth permeated with all kinds of unguents and herbs to assist it from decomposing. I learned how to breathe pure prana; having no necessity for oxygen. My consciousness during these periods was outside my physical body although I would come in from time to time as a radiant light body to assist with the regulation of my heart and to make necessary adjustments in all my systems. While there were those who were aware and assisted, I was the primary caretaker, custodian and steward of my physical instrument. I knew my body was not me. It was my soul’s vehicle. It was my space suit and I wanted to keep it tidy and functioning. When it was time for me to rise and go forth again into the outer world of form there was the appropriate assistance to open the sarcophagus and unseal the protective energy locks and physical barriers that had been put in place.

There are some of you with soul memory of having gone through initiations of mastery where there might have been a moment, an instant of fear, and in that moment you may have experienced the silver cord that preserves consciousness within the body snapping…(claps hands)… like that. In that nanosecond or more of fear, some of you, as initiates in previous lives, went into some rather arduous experiences and you did not survive. It’s for this reason that some feel a great pull and a great resistance to go to Peru, for instance, or to Egypt, or to trek through the Himalayas or to go with your Native American elders into ceremonial spaces where primal initiations experientially take you through the elements of air, earth, fire and water. There are initiations of crucifixion and resurrection that take you into the realms of heaven and hell. On occasion, there might have been an experience of losing it, losing the focus, losing the connection and then fear flooded in and your incarnation ended. You may have said to yourself when you died, “Oh my God, oh my Goddess, I’ve failed.”

Is there anyone who relates to that?

(It feels like something like that happened to me in Egypt.)

Yes, most likely. Does that make you a bad person, not capable of mastery in this lifetime? How are you dealing with that imprinting of, “I’ve failed?” How is that affecting you in what you are here to accomplish in the way of mastery in this lifetime? What about the service you have come to render? What impact does the perception, “I failed” in some fashion or another have on the choices you are making in your life, work and relationships?

You have heard Yeshua say, “Get out from under the bushel basket and let your light shine.” Do you suppose that perhaps part of the reason you are not allowing your full light to shine is because of some of these memories and the judgment upon self that you might have failed?

I ask you beloveds, did you fail? Go within right now, did you fail?


You believe it? You believe you failed?


Just believing this once is enough to obscure who you are. How is this sense of failure impacting you, beloveds, in your relationships with your mates and families and in your relationship with your Beloved I Am?

(It’s impacting it heavily.)

Indeed. So what is your choice now with that memory of failure? What are you going to do with it now that you know you have believed that?

(Let it go?)

Don’t try to please me, beloved. Relax. I want to hear it from your heart, from your soul….

(I’m going to try to do better….laugh)

If you try?

(All right, I’m going to do it!)

Who’s going to do it?

(I am.)

That’s right, I Am! That’s the part of you that knows there is no failure…ever. You have had all kinds of experiences and in some of them there was a part of you that judged unfairly, “I have failed.” How does the I Am see all of that?

(It doesn’t see anything.)

What does it see?

(Love, and achievement and non-fail.)

So if you were going through an initiation and the silver cord snapped and you said, “I failed,” how can you transmute and shift that experience so that you can move forward with your life with courage, with conviction, with commitment, with knowing, with that peace that passeth all understanding, with compassion for yourself and others when they seem to fail?

(I can believe in myself. I can know this time.)

And you can know you are here to make a difference, that you are enough, that you can trust yourself. You can trust your Creator. You can trust life to support you always. You can redefine judgment, punishment, disempowerment into something that is truly beautiful for you and for the work of co-creation that you do with others. As you allow your full light to shine you will profoundly empower, inspire and facilitate a sense of harmony through out life and most importantly with those close to you. Even more importantly your reestablished love and trust in Self and your inherent innocence will assist you to attain liberation in this lifetime. Can you see that?

(I can.)

What I have shared with this one, I share with all of you. It’s time to let go of those stories we have been telling ourselves of failure. We cling to them so that we can stay small and find reasons for blaming others. Fearing failure, we do not claim our full potential. It’s time to know life is eternal and always supportive. However long or short your soul is choosing to experience life in this dimension, that amount of time is perfect for attaining its purpose to know and be love. What I chose to do in my incarnation as Anna was to extend my understanding of life in one focused form so that I could more clearly know my self as a creator aligned with love. By intimately knowing suffering I came to know compassion for all expressions of life. As I progressed one small step at a time, I prepared my body and consciousness to be a fit vehicle to bring into this earth plane a beloved… several beloveds, actually, who would incarnate cosmic consciousness.

As my life continued, particularly into Britain, there were ongoing challenges that made it very clear to me that I had done all that I could do. It was better to just allow myself to consciously exit out of that body. I left my physical instrument behind. My son, Noah, who is aligned with the energy that you call Merlin, had also developed skills in cellular regeneration. He assisted and witnessed my passing. A memorial and grave were created so that those who were of the community could know that Anna had passed into the other world. Knowing it would likely be desecrated, the grave had no marker. But it was my wish that my body not be interred there. Instead it was taken into the Tor to lay in the same chamber with Torhanna (spoken of in my earlier story about Yeshua as a lad in Avalon). I did return to the earth plane from time to time. I continued to seed wisdom and to make sure there would be a thread of light continuing its process of assisting the upliftment of consciousness through the coming centuries.

I thank you for You, my beloveds, for the light that you bring to this earth plane through your heart flame and your precious physical body that is dedicated to bringing down the Infinite Light and Love.

It’s always bittersweet, these partings, but know that those of you who are going off a distance, that the Divine Mother in this particular expression, loves and cherishes you. Remember, there is no failure, beloveds. Relinquish your judgment seat, relinquish being the inquisitor, and relinquish being your self-imposed jailer. Know this: I am free!

Let’s all stand up. Please connect with your mighty I Am Presence, who is always eternal life’s expression here now. I AM FREE!. Be that magical star. I AM FREE! Now let the light shimmer and shine through the palms of your hands and feet, the points of the five-pointed star, the expression of human divinity and the Divine Feminine. Now through your feet touch deeply into the Earth Mother who is reaching up to mate with the Celestial Father who meets her in your heart and takes her to the Bridal Chamber within your skull’s Holy of Holies. Pause beloveds and feel the Infinite Light expanding and uplifting you.

Let us proclaim: I AM FREE! I AM FREE! I AM FREE! And so it is. Amen.

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