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Anna's Message in France, September 2006

Anna first addressed the group on the France trip in small one street wide town, Minerve, in southern France.

(Photo at right taken by Catherine Ann Clemett:

Entering the village of Minerve where there was a

steep dropoff on either side of the road.)

ANNA: Greetings my beloveds. And how are you feeling now? Have you felt an opening of your hearts as you have been here in this beautiful little valley and canyon? Have you felt the sweetness of the Mother’s love for you? Have you felt the sweetness of your love of self? If not, then I invite you dear ones, to be the great Mother unto the child that is you, to wrap your arms around yourself and all your life’s experiences that have brought you here. I would invite you within this embrace to feel safe and secure nestled in the womb of the great Mother, to feel of her sustenance freely given unto you, her child, and to be this for yourself as well. For as we move forward into the adventure of the earth’s ascension and birth into new consciousness wherein the family of humankind may let go of the boundaries, the judgments, the fears that arise in war and poverty and all manner of discord and suffering, we are on the threshold here over these next years of grand accelerated opportunities for self realization of what indeed could be called the body or church of love. We are the ones many of us, who incarnated into the drama that you have attuned to here in this place and other places that you will yet be visiting in the Cathar country.

You are the future selves of those ones that were here on this land. You now may realize you’ve been the ones who have been waiting a long time for the very selves that you now are. And that which you are in the future “now” timing, will be the ones who are bringing to pass the new earth, and the new understanding of family, where there indeed are no boundaries of separation but rather an embrace of brother to brother, sister to sister, sister to brother, father and mother, parents and children, and the elders and those who are coming in through the birth canal.

We have been preparing for this for a long, long time. Know that you are supported, that you are loved, and that you are appreciated. We walk with you, although perhaps unseen. You feel this presence. It is your very self in expanded consciousness taking you through these experiences. I invite you to just be still now for a moment or two as you hear the waters below. You have felt of the rain, the gentle mists, the anointing of the baptismal waters that cleanse the heart, that open every cell to greater capacity to love. Know that you are innocent and so is all of life innocent. While you have been immersed in your various dramas, all of it was innocent play.

But it is time now to let go of the attachment to suffering and to be at peace, to be in joy, to put your orientation on the birth rather than the dying; to celebrate, to sing, to weep your tears, to allow that which you held onto to be flushed and be made new, a new wine. You may feel the pressing as if you are a grape during this time of harvest when the juices of your soul clarify and rise in frequency. And this new wine, may it be sweet unto you. May you know the sweetness of who you are. As you look into the mirror of everyone, may you know that there is but one family here. Dedicate this evening of your time to continued compassion for yourself for the creations of your life, and the creations of your brothers and sisters.

May we also send forth blessings to all the leaders of nations and religions. May there be peace on earth. May that begin with each of us. May you know peace within your own heart. May you know the sacred marriage and be whole once again in the name of the one God/Goddess. So be it and amen, amen, amen.

Anna Addresses the Group at a Grotto of a Sacred Well at Notre Dame la Dreche

ANNA: So I invite you in this sacred place, just for a moment to gaze around you (to the harvested fields). Behold the richness of the glow of light. This Mother (earth) loves you so much! She bears the memory of your footsteps and the blood that you have shed that rises up out of this earth particularly here in the land of France. And I say to you my beloveds, this land also holds within it, within the stones, within every atomic and subatomic particum and waveform as well, the vibrational frequencies of what you term ‘ascension of consciousness’ back into wholeness, back into the one from which you have come and continue to be. There have been those who have walked this land awake and aware, what you call avatars. For these ones are not different from you. There are caves in the mountains and the fields where various sanctuaries, most of which were in nature in groves of trees and wells such as this, where the family that you represent, more particularly that family who came 2000 years ago to work out a cosmic plan gathered. Some call it redemption, salvation, but I say unto you no thing has fallen and there is no thing really to redeem. It is all also clay. There is no thing to fix. No thing to be a martyr for. No thing to fight for. I quite enjoy John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, no heaven or hell, no country boundaries, no possessions, all that sort of thing. I hear you say, But yes, Anna what about the dramas, the separation?” We have grown. We have evolved. We have loved. WE HAVE LOVED IN THIS WORLD IN A WAY THAT WE HAVE NOT LOVED IN ANY OTHER WORLD! I wish you to get that. And we get to love yet more completely, more fully, more authentically, to re-embrace all our creation.

You see this representation of the “sacred heart”? A beloved was questioning why the sword, why the crown of thorns around that sacred heart? This heart that has been honored for eons (pounding on Claire’s chest) must be pierced and softened just as this field that lays fallow now has been ploughed and prepared for the seeding. You are already seeded! It’s just that you have attempted to protect that seed in a way that no longer serves you. It doesn’t need to be protected any more! And this walk that you have walked together as a family on this land of so much memory of persecution, of martyring and warring – it’s to get in touch with how you have honored yourselves, beloveds. You have a cathedral over yonder which exemplifies that honoring personified. And you have somewhat of a replication here, but it is the opposite. That beloved brother who painted the scenes (in the cathedral), much of it was unknown to his conscious mind; but he was a member of the brotherhood/sisterhood of light, remembering through and evoking through the paintings, in his choice of images and pigments, the journey of the initiate, the journey of the Christ and his beloved Magdalene.

(Above photo taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: Anna discussing how the heart must be pierced.)

The Mother is here (pointing to various statures and parts of nature) and she is here, and she is here as is the Christ child, (pounding on Claire’s chest) here within this world, this throne of your heart. Do you hear the waters? Listen. Let these waters (fountain at the well) dissolve what separates you from love, from your own Christing; your Beloved. Let Her cradle you. Humble yourselves, beloveds. Do not be arrogant in your sense of separateness and judgment and hanging on to the old stories, the old identities. Become innocent children again. You don’t have to crawl on hands and knees, bruised and suffering any more, to come to her. Run and fly into her arms and she shall receive you, and you will know that you are Her. You are Her child. You are Her lover, the love of lights. You see how light celebrates? It’s time to celebrate, beloveds. I understand the tiredness and the weariness and the bruising and the fragments, the aches and the pains. I have walked in your shoes, I know. She offers you her healing waters to be drunk deeply to transmute your sorrows, your tears, and to transmute your suffering that you carry in your blood, the DNA, the memory of your ancestors in a crystalline matrix of your blood.

Be like these waters and let this loving light flow into your heart, right here, right now. You can, if you choose, change your entire matrix of the past. Change your heart! When Yeshua would say, “Sin no more”, that’s what he meant. Allow your heart to simply change. Allow it to be penetrated and soften that which has held it apart from love. It can happen instantly or it can happen over a period of time. However it happens, I assure you that as you deeply meditate and align yourself to the Mother’s Divine Work at this time, which is to facilitate the opening of the human heart and to prepare it for the 4th, 5th, and higher dimensional heart and the blood that will flow through it, you will be transfigured. You will receive the ascension codes that are already seeded in you. They’ll just simply be activated.

Today you go to Lourdes, hmmm? You will witness hundreds of people from all walks of life, some very humble, some very arrogant, some stubborn, and some quickened and ready for miracles. You are no different than these. You are a whole spectrum, resisting, and begging and allowing. There can be an opportunity right here, and at Lourdes, and at Chartres for you to evoke an amplification of this healing process of your heart, the Christing of your heart, the Christing of your blood made new. Eventually you will not require external images like this. (points to a statue). I say shift the instruments of war to plough shares. We are ready to create a garden. This earth is so ready. She is so ready, beloveds and so are you. Ah, you see the world too desires to play and enter with us into this garden of innocence and beauty.

So what are you going to do now - hmmm? What are you going to do with your lives? What are you going to do with this seed? The crucified Christ in the tomb of you - what are you going to do about that? I want to hear from you. What are you going to do about your crucified Christ in this tomb? Are you going to leave the stone there or are you going to assist it to roll back and open and be vulnerable to what’s inside? I tell you there are omni-universes inside of you, and the Kingdom of God reigns therein, and you have the power to take your own life into your loving arms and tenderly create a new world with us, your brothers and sisters who walk beside you. So what are you going to do? I want to hear? Just for a few moments I want to hear what are you going to do?

What are you going to do my beloved? (Live in the resurrection and spread it everywhere.) Without stuffing it down throats? (That’s right.)

Without saying, “My way is the only way”, hmmm? Yes just serve through your being, beloved, being it. Hear the waters? It is that easy.

(To another man) Do you know my dear brother? (I am going to bring in the harvest of a bountiful year.)

Yes. This is just a little aside: (Addressing this man who is a retired obstetrician). You have occupied a position that I once knew quite often, but in particular, I knew it with my daughter when she was on the birthing couch. You are not quite finished with receiving these souls coming through that sacred passage, just as I received my beloved grandson, Yeshua. It is to treat every single one with that same sense of sacredness as we are birthing ourselves at this time. When Yeshua said, “You get to be born anew”, one of the disciples asked, “How can I come back through my mother’s birth canal again?” (Anna pounding on Claire’s chest/breast/heart again) This is the cervix. This is the Vesica Pisces. This is the place of your opening to a new life, a new you, a new world. Then we can get it all together everywhere else, but it begins here (in one’s own heart). It requires strong bodies, your nervous systems up and functioning, and lots of vitality.

What I would invite you to do now, if you choose, is to go directly to the source there (water source from the well) and anoint yourself. Imbibe and take this to your heart, these waters, and the waters at Lourdes as well. And then we will have silence. The only way to really know is in silence, to be still. Words are a bridge that can activate, they are divine. But it is in the silence and the stillness of the womb of your heart where you can really touch who you are and know. KNOW I AM THAT I AM.

We are here as one body honoring all of the facets of the diversity of our sovereignty, but we are one body supporting one another. That’s what we learned 2000 years ago. We could not have accomplished what was accomplished without our continually coming back to a choice of unity when there was every attempt to scatter and get lost back in the drama of separation. It was a constant day-by-day choice to know our oneness, to hear one another’s various perspectives, to honor our diverse ways of expressing and always finding a commonality and a way of embracing. We will assist one another, won’t we, to make the full journey to the living waters within and without. A new heart, hmmm? A new heart, a five chambered heart pumping way more blood, liquid light and liquid elixir of brilliant light. When you see pictures of ascended beings, they emanate light, hmmm? So love this water to charge, with your intent, your new heart, the blood of Christ seen in a different way.

One by one everyone went up to the well to anoint themselves.

(Photo below taken by Catherine Ann Clemett: Roman well down the hill

below the Cathedral at La Dreche where Anna had us anoint ourselves.)

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