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Other Anna Messages

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Claire is in retreat. She is no longer doing any new Anna messages, giving readings or conducting workshops at this time. If changes regarding the Anna messages or her retreat status should occur,  it will be posted here.

Anna's Messages #8

    December 2006


Excerpts from a Santa Fe, NM Anna Gathering at

Solstice Art Books – 6/21/06

CLAIRE: I bring you greetings. Even though I have physically moved away from Mt. Shasta, I still bring you the greeting of the violet ray energies of Mt. Shasta and also the energies of Zion National Park where I am presently living and writing the sequel to the Anna Book. So for everyone who is still coming in – welcome. As people are coming in I am inviting you to just smile and acknowledge them as family. You know this is a time of gathering. I am so aware that anyone who resonates with the presence of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother and particularly the Christ Drama of 2000 years ago, that we are family coming together again. That was a rehearsal for what we are here to do at this time. I am honored and blessed to be reunited with all of our soul streams as we choose to embody and even expand on those gifts that we brought to the planet 2000 years ago. The lessons and the experiences of growth that we had at that time have prepared us for what we are here to do today. I also bring you greetings from Anna and the Councils of Light which she is a part of on the other side of the veil for which I am thankful for as well.

As we co-create together today and I am seeing all of you nodding heads – that is wonderful – I feel that you will have an experience, as I do, of how present and how available Anna as an extension and emissary of the Divine Cosmic Mother is. She desires very much to walk beside us, not ahead of us, not prodding us from behind, not being reverenced and worshipped on a pedestal; she will be the first to say, “You know those of you who have known me as St. Anne within the Catholic belief system, you will have an opportunity to take me more in to your immediate experience and we get to walk together. If there is a pedestal at all, you get to come up and sit with me here.” So Anna is an energy that will be coming forth today. Some of you can probably already sense the presence here, sense your heart centers expanding and the opening of the crown and the mantle of the Mother that is descending.

You know I’m hooked up when the well (tears) starts spilling over with the love that the Mother has for her beloveds and you are the beloved. I am honored to be in co-creation with you today and that we, together as a family, are also serving during this very powerful portal of the grand cross energies that are occurring simultaneously with the summer solstice, and that we have this opportunity to be of planetary service. So let’s take some deep full inhalations and sigh into the exhales. I am going to facilitate a bit of a sound meditation to assist us to move more fully into our heart centers and into an attitude of gratitude and in knowing that this is a co-creation. As we match our frequencies to those of Anna and allow for an increased expansion, then the quality of the reflection that you will have of your divinity will likewise expand. So close your eyes and take a deep full inhalation and sigh into the exhale. Just let go and allow yourself to sink into the support of the chair. Sink into the support of the Mother. Feel yourself cradled, relaxed and open. (Sounding the gong and toning)

ANNA: Greetings beloveds. So how be you?

ANNA: It is wondrous to be with you today. So thank you for your presence, for your hearts, for the living Christ that be you. I am Anna yet I am not confined or limited by labels and neither are you. I am delighted to be your mirror today and I am delighted for the reflection of divinity that you offer unto me. We have an opportunity today, a portal day, for cosmic energies to reside more fully within the portal that is your physical instrument, your consciousness on many, many levels. And today we may collaborate together – be co-creators. You like that?

Man in the Audience: I like that, beloved friend.

ANNA: I desire that you know me as your beloved friend and your co-creator in equality. Are you willing to allow that?

Man: Absolutely.

ANNA: Good. Then we can accomplish much today. So before we have a meditation of sorts, although this will be a meditation with every breath throughout this wondrous occasion of family reunion, I would offer to you the form in which you can ask questions. And I would be delighted to give forth a reflection that may be of service to your growth, to your remembrance of who you are. Know my dear ones, my beloveds, that there is much more occurring here than the words. They are simply the carriers of energy that is YOU amplified. And according to your heart’s desire and your intention, we as co-creators of oneness today, will be impacting and continuing to have a ripple effect in your life and all that is manifesting in an extraordinarily accelerated way. Have noticed how your lives have been speeding up and how your manifestations, your thoughts, are coming into appearance very, very quickly?

(Anna directed her attention to someone in the back.) Greetings beloved. I enjoy having a certain amount of intimacy (in my audience.)

Woman: Okay. I just didn’t know what this was. I was just hiding in the back.

ANNA: You didn’t know what this was? This is a family reunion.

Woman: Okay. Hi everyone.

Man: Welcome.

Woman: Thank you.

ANNA: I think of this family as the family of Christ. It is far more than what is normally understood as Christ, or the family of Christ. I am not speaking of an elite group. I am not speaking of literal bloodline lineage, I am speaking of a state of consciousness that allows for unity, that allows for an embrace of all that is that facilitates the upliftment of all life. It is unity consciousness personified, embodied right here, right now. For most who have a resonance with a cast of characters who demonstrated what it was to be a living Christ 2000 years ago, who chose to go through the initiations that were associated primarily with Egypt, with the Essences, with the Druids, with that which was of the Indus Valley and the Hindu understanding, the Buddhist understanding, we were and are the melting pot of understanding that came together called the mysteries of the anointing, the Christing of consciousness in a place called Mt. Carmel. It was an ancient mystery school. It was a place of the Goddess long before patriarchy began its dance. And it continues to hold extraordinary energies. Mt. Carmel was a mystery school of the Essenes where Yeshua Ben Joseph or the one that you know as Jesus was born and received much of his training, not born there but as a child, a young man was trained and grew up there. Mary Magdalene was trained there. Many of Yeshua’s cousins who became this group who supported what it was and is to be an initiate on the path making conscious choices and doing it in a way that would facilitate the common human to awaken and to arise, and wake up as resurrected Christs trained there as well.

So here we are. This is a family reunion of those who remember the way of the Essenes, the teacher of righteousness meaning the rightful use of energy. You are having a bit of a melt-down there beloved? And I love you heartily. And it is so good to be with you again.

So I open the floor now to you my brothers and sisters of this family at this time so that if it is your desire to remember something through the material that is the story in this book (Anna, Grandmother of Jesus) or if you have particular questions that you would like a little more illumination on, as long as the question you have is something that is more of a general, universal understanding rather than a personal question, I would very much love to hear what you would like to ask. Yes beloved?

Woman: My question is what was my role 2000 years ago during Christ’s time? I feel like whatever it is – is coming to fruition in this lifetime as well and I want to understand that.

ANNA: I understand. I will not say in particular who you were beloved. I will offer clues that will benefit this whole group because no doubt every one of you here would like know that and are proposing the same question. Allow your imagination to move into what touched you deeply as you were reading the story, that had you in tears of remembrance, into what you did then to support the community and is bringing healing to you now; that is what you are doing here by moving to Santa Fe and where ever you presence yourself. I would encourage you to write. I would encourage you to allow your voice to be nurtured and grounded deeply into this earth and to continue to cultivate your relationship with your beloved Yeshua. Allow that love to be alright and feel safe loving that much again. And it is good to weep. It is important at this time of remembrance to allow that part of what has been suppressed to be stirred.

For we are here as family to activate, support and catalyze, and support and catalyze and facilitate the letting go of the stories we have been holding onto for eons. For I say to you my beloveds we are coming to a conclusion of the drama of separation as we have chosen to experience it. And it has been and is divine. To release judgment upon ourselves, upon God, and upon others for the experiment and the experiences within separation is something that is timely right now. Have you noticed that the issues and the archetypes that we have previously grandly judged are being reviewed, Judas for example or Mary Magdalene for example? A whole different way of bringing into the light of conscious awareness what previously was judged in a dualistic fashion, is now being lifted so that there can be an embrace of both sides of the coin simultaneously. And as we do that we become empowered alchemists who are practicing the process of ‘Christing our Consciousness’. We are healing ourselves by allowing what we have held often in a distorted fashion in the vision of duality to be seen as a part of our humanness. And we, as evolved ascended consciousness, have come back now to gather and embrace the prodigal parts of ourselves that we have judged as unworthy, that have seen and experienced itself as being abandoned and rejected, afraid to love like we allowed ourselves to love that man (Yeshua). And I say we are here to love, as we have allowed for moments of time in the past, to love in a way like we have never loved before. And thank you for smiling the truth of that into every cell.

I say that when every cell is smiling with the truth and we are allowing the memories that have caused us to dim our light, to restrict that flow of love in the past, gets stirred because we all, that is virtually all of us except for Mary Magdalene; on Golgotha - there were nano-seconds and sometimes minutes and sometimes hours where we as initiates knowing ‘better’ lost it. We identified with the chaos, with the discord, with the ‘crucify him’. And we went into ‘God how can you do this! I feel powerless to change this. And I do not like feeling powerless to have my beloved tortured as I am perceiving it. So there’s rage. There’s grief and there’s terror, the emotions that come with the perception that we are separate from the source of ourselves as love and to know that love through a reflection that offers contrast and choice.’ It was all divine but never-the-less we have been stuffing to a certain extent the grief, the rage, the terror combined with guilt and shame. And we have collaborated in the dramas of the good guy and the bad guy and we have wreaked the consequences of those dramas as martyrs when we had an opportunity to shine. And we associated shining out and loving that much with very difficult manners of losing our embodied expression. We have within us a lot of yes-buts. I venture to say that every one of us here will immediately raise our hands when I say ‘Is it not time beloveds for this experiment in separation to be brought to its finish?’

Collectively: Amen, yes. (enthusiastically)

ANNA: (Raise) both hands, in fact the whole body. Well desire to create the one, come on really, honestly. Let’s take a stand for the group to your own I AM presence, not for me, Anna, do not ever do this for me, but to your own I AM and your own Christ presence as a ‘one’ who is choosing to remember here, now, that I am choosing to know the ‘Divinity of all of my Creation’ and I am now complete in the manner in which I have completed it. I am ready now for a new adventure. Yes?

Collectively: Yes.

ANNA: Good. And is there not a part of you that is going ‘yes-but, Anna’. Yes you can go sit on your ‘buts’ now, yes-but, if-only. Yes I am ready to move on but what is going to become of this identity that I have invested so much in? That is a good idea. I toast you all beloveds. To freedom!

Collectively: To freedom!

ANNA: And truth! So we will facilitate the yes-buts to know because that’s the Judas, the beloved friend who gives us choice and provides us with an opportunity now to be finished and to love as we have never loved before. See where one question can lead? So yes? (to another woman).

Woman: This is in the same line – you said everyone except for Mary Magdalene more or less bought into the drama?

ANNA: Mary Magdalene 100% of the time, not for one nano-second lost the coherent field that she was holding, that my beloved (Yeshua) is without pain and suffering. He is free. He is vulnerable. He is allowing what would be perceived as an attack as simply a caress of love. He was in a state of ecstasy really. Not to say now in order to have ecstasy – You saw the Da Vinci Code so then we wrap this thing – that is not what Yeshua was demonstrating at all. Indeed, he was demonstrating NO MORE SACRIFICE period, especially blood atonement. And he did not suffer, my beloveds. But there were moments when the rest of us perceived and bought into it just like Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion’. That was how we were seeing it for a moment. And it was like taking a raging bull or the borax team you know of 16 mules or whatever and assisting that to put the brakes on and then turn around and take ourselves back up into oneness and into the I AM. And you being one with Yeshua, ‘Father, Mother forgive them’ knowing there is really no thing to forgive, that I forgive this energy that is in this flow now, for they know not what they do. They are at a level of consciousness and they are witnessing and will have an opportunity, those who are ready, to experience that there in truth is no-thing to fear for there is no death. There is the dying of what has served into a new transformed understanding, but there is no death of consciousness.

And indeed with Yeshua there was a choice to continue to facilitate life-force energy into that embodiment. And we as a family, or those of us who were prepared to go into the sarcophagus, we facilitated that resurrection process which he had been in training for all of his life; and that we had been in training for. In many ways in my long life, this was a pinnacle of my preparation. And then he, and others, he’s not the only Christ, there were other Chisted beings at that time; we together facilitated then his emergence but it was a very different presentation of form, filled with light and wonder and many of us had an opportunity to witness. And we can witness that as our own consciousness is resurrected today.

Next month Anna continues on with the Santa Fe excerpts and discusses the Magdalene Order.

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