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More Excerpts from a Santa Fe, NM Anna Gathering at

Solstice Art Books – 6/21/06

(Anna addresses the concerns of a woman who shared that she felt she had been preparing for a long time and wanted to know about how to bring her work out.)

ANNA: Perhaps more than ever it is a time of communal support and teaching and sharing what you have been learning and then the memories will come back of what you knew in your mastery then. Get out and do it beloved, and share it, and write about it and allow your light to shine. Know that you are not alone. You are not alone. And you will be heard. Much of what is occurring now is the voice of the feminine in men and women, the feminine aspect, and those embodied in female gendered bodies - the voice, the throat chakra, is a huge threshold that we are poised at collectively. So I say to you, you shall be heard. First of all hear yourself – the parts of you that have been screaming, that feel unheard; the parts of you that are angry and pissed at men, or the system, or whatever might feel like what is preventing you from fully creating the beauty, majesty, fullness and wholeness of who you are. And in community we will support one another with that collective anger to let go of the story around it, all of the ‘If only this person had been such and such or if I had not done such and such,’ the blame and that sort of thing; the feeling of letting go of the drama. And then write about it. Create those healing spaces with your brothers and sisters that will heal this collective voice of the Magdalene. I say you are a Magdalene.

WOMAN: What does that mean?

ANNA: As a Magdalene, let me say first of all, the Magdalenes are a group of individuals, both men and women, the majority were women, who were an offshoot, if you will a tributary of the mysteries of Isis and the resurrection processes, the alchemies of Isis to resurrect consciousness. The willingness to indeed to go into the abyss, into the hell realms, into the shit, the compost I like to call it and perhaps holding the skirts up a bit you know, but never-the-less getting down and getting in it, with immense love for that energy and knowing it is simply energy. And assisting it to gather into light, into brilliance really because it is no longer darkness nor is it light, it becomes a brilliant radiance of golden hue. So the Magdalenes were those who knew ‘the beloved’. They were like the watch tower if you will, the tower who sought and perceived ‘the beloved’ wherever ‘the beloved’ might be scattered, and facilitated the gathering of those fragments back into wholeness.

WOMAN: We are ourselves Magdalenes?

ANNA: Indeed. And that is why the voice of the Magdalenes is so powerfully required as a voice of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother.

WOMAN: Thank you.

ANNA: You’re welcome. Yes beloved?

WOMAN: Can you speak about Jesus’s twin brother?

ANNA: That was an interesting query. There are many versions of the story. There is much confusion, right? You read here and you read there and everyone has a different remembrance, a different theory, a different agenda. What then resonates for you? What will empower you in the choices of your life to know the various details of the various versions? I am skirting around a direct response because I will tell you this that there are versions. And all of them are legitimate. There are parallel realities. There were other Christs. And it comes together as a kind of a composite for us to unravel and remember what our unique part within the tapestry of 2000 years ago was and how that facilitated – what it means to us now? So what does the twin brother of a Christed being, the one that we think of as Yeshua Ben Joseph mean to you beloved?

WOMAN: I think (its like) a parallel reality where we can go to our 8-6 jobs everyday and yet we can also embrace a whole other reality.

ANNA: Indeed. And eventually we will have the capacity to embrace all of these versions as truth. And yes there were more. And if there was more than one Christ, was there more than one Mary Magdalene? Yes.

WOMAN: In my life I would say at least 10 women have told me they were Mary Magdalene. And with each one I had like a feeling of love for them and like I knew them and it is so very confusing.

ANNA: It is. And you can allow it to be co-fusing as you embrace all of these Magdalenes if you can allow it to be rather holographic – fractals. Any of us, now this is old paradigm, taken into the order of the Magdalene, we were so close to one another and we were so close to the ones who particularly were light conceived as was Mary Magdalene and others of the family. I mean it was very conscious conception, very conscious gestation, very conscious birthing and raising of these children, just like you are doing today more and more, these children who are coming in. So those who were without many veils and those who were on the path of the initiate dissolving veils, we did many journeys together through many realities, across many timelines and holographically indeed it was as if we were Mary Magdalene herself as an entity and as an archetype. Does that assist you?

So it is like plugging into a particular signature frequency and voila – you are remembering certain aspects of a drama that may have been 2000 years ago in the understanding, but that there’s parallel time, it is all happening simultaneously. It could also be a parallel reality. It could be in the understanding of past, present, and future that which was of another rise in civilization that happened eons ago if you will. There has been a repetition of the Christing process of consciousness on this planet. This is just this planet. And then we have got other planets. So which drama are we tapping into really?

So I would say let us embrace what it is about Mary Magdalene that that consciousness stands for you right here, right now, and these 10 women in your life. What is it about them that feels so familiar? What is it about them that you would like to know more deeply? I am speaking rhetorically but I am also asking you to go within and find what those answers are for you because I say – as I am with you beloved, you know the Magdalene quite intimately. And you are being called, you are being called. As you align to that calling it’s a coming home to yourself. Alright? So yes, you will hear more and more people saying I remember myself as Mary Magdalene. They’ll read of my story and there are ones that identified quite grandly with Miriam. There are one’s who identify with Joseph of Arimathea. My story as it is written is very multi-leveled. It is speaking archetypically and it is speaking specifically about certain entities and their experiences. But those experiences crossed more timelines than just the 2000 year ago drama.

It was very interesting for Claire, my beloveds, because for 6 months as I was bringing through the information she was receiving the transmission holographically. It was indeed as if Claire were experiencing my story very literally - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling my emotions and the feeling senses of the sun on her and so on - touch. Then there would be these moments when she would experience me moving up and back. There was the sense that I had then returned to a council, which I had done. And Claire’s consciousness was not privy to what was going on in the council. And then sometimes the thread was picked up and we continued on as if nothing had happened. But often it would be a shift, like a 90 degree turn, and we’d be going in a different direction. And Claire asked, “Well what are you doing when you go off like that?” And you see to get Claire even to participate – it took 10 years to assist Claire to move through the resistance to even begin to allow this book to happen. And I would tell her well – I am with the councils, a number of councils. We are surveying all of the souls who are calling forth this material across quite a few different timelines, but particularly the ones who will be able to hold this in their hands and read it. And we are looking at their soul streams and we are going “Hmmm, alright, which version will best serve them?” And Claire would say, “Version? What do you mean version?” Because she said, “I will not add more confusion, more distortion, more mis-information – count me out. You have the wrong number.” Besides she had said “2 semesters of freshman English comp – hmmm? - D’s. You have the wrong number. I am not a writer.” It was like Moses you know saying “I cannot speak”. It was like Jonah being swallowed by the whale finally – that’s what the Mother does, you know, eventually she seizes you and then you remember who you are and its your greatest joy to bring forth this labor of love. “Version – what do you mean version?” But that is a truth.

So there will be certain parts – those who are drawn to read, where, like you beloved, it rang your bells, every little cell was singing a sweeter harmony and a greater awareness of grace and a remembrance of who you are in that version that you were tapping into. It doesn’t matter who was 2000 years ago or not. You were remembering you and the love – your self. That’s ‘the beloved.’ And he hasn’t ever left you because it is you. And you can make love to it – to you - all of the time, in every breath. As you read it (the Anna book) again you’ll say “where does this come from? I didn’t know this was there?” And then there have been some who have read it six or eight times and they will still say the same thing.

I love you all so very much. I love the dance with you. Another one (question) beloved?

WOMAN: As you speak the versions we here are all of the versions – we are connected, we are a part and it comes from this woman’s question of the twin brother which in a sense we are all twins?

ANNA: Absolutely.

WOMAN: We are all brother, sister, what ever. But when you were given the opportunity to see versions, it is like each one of us in that hologram is a version.

ANNA: Yes. Dazzling, scintillating facets of the one, aware of all of the rest or of becoming more aware of being able to handle that much.

WOMAN: So how do you ask a question into that because there are so many answers?

ANNA: A good question indeed. And you are the answer. Yes beloved?

ANOTHER WOMAN: You can speak briefly to this. I would like to inquire about the female apostles. I have read about them but I don’t remember too much about them and I would like to hear your perception of that. Were there 12 of them? Was it a formalized group? What kind of space did they hold for Yeshua that the male apostles didn’t? I’ve heard that they were real teachers? True or not true?

ANNA: Speak briefly to this? (laughter)

WOMAN: I am sorry. Well I --

ANNA: Thank you beloved. You know I am playing with you.

WOMAN: I know you are.

ANNA: The femalehood apostles - you know apostle that’s just an appendage or a label that hierarchy has put on a function in which we created a sense of balance and created a container for energy. There was a pattern of twelve and thirteen that is like an archetypal pattern, a whole creation - flower of life and so on is based on along with the Fibonacci sequencing around all of that. So as there is above, there is below; as there is within, there is without. So there was the masculine representation through male gendered bodies and there was the feminine representation through female gendered bodies, the sun and the moon. All of that to create a container of coherent balance for the thirteenth, and the thirteenth as well to create a container for each of the facets of the twelve. Each of the twelve contained a wholeness including the thirteenth with the predominant function to represent a particular archetype, like you have the 12 aspects of the zodiac. So the thirteenth embodied all of it, Magdalene as Yeshua’s consort, representing the 13th. Also created was the container, it ,was more so the container, the cup, the grail for the 12. Yeshua was the center point. They both were but that was his function. It was like the connecting pillar of light, the erectile energy that connected the dimensions on a vertical axis, the Axis Mundi. And Magdalene then created the sacred hoop, if you will a safe container. So there were those that were the inner, well you could call it the inner, but not the elite, but the inner group who had been trained for the most part, some not so much. Peter definitely had not been on the path of the initiate in a conscious fashion like some of the others. But there was a purpose never-the-less for him to be part of that inner circle. His mate knew more actually than he did as often happens. And then we had the circles of twelve around that and the circles of twelve around that. I was not a part of the inner group. I was part of one of the exterior 12 females. Does that assist you?

WOMAN: It helps.

ANNA: It helps. So was the work then that we were doing as women carried on after Yeshua went through the externalized drama, the mystery school crucifixion and resurrection process? It continued on but it continued more so, on the inner planes. It went underground. But is has always been present on this planet and will continue to be present. And this is the time when it is rising up into conscious appearancy. And those, the twelve and the thirteen, are rising at this time and you are all taking your places. I said this was a family reunion you know? This is a reunion of the councils. This is a reunion of the twelve and the thirteen and you are remembering your places as above so below. And you are here in the trenches, in the below. But you are also that which is overseeing what is occurring. You have those aspects of you archetypically and in whatever way that you are choosing to express 2000 years ago that were intimately involved – is an aspect of your consciousness that is quite evolved. And I say to you that it is very accessible. And you are in the process of merging with those parts of yourself. It is like a soul braiding that is occurring. You are going through portals of time/space so to speak. And as you raise your frequency and you call forth when you remember, when you are ignited by a soulmate or a book such as this one, then there is like, “Oh yes I know that there’s something about Joseph of Arimathea that I really resonate with. And I am here to facilitate in a similar manner as he facilitated.” And it may very well be that you carry a fractal energy of Joseph of Arimathea and as you meditate on that and absorb and merge and blend then you indeed can be an even more empowered expression than you were 2000 years ago of that energy. Do you see what I am saying?

So we are returning. The twelve and the thirteen are returning. It was never lost and they have been perceived as getting lost and trampled by the patriarchal Roman and other factions that were going on at that time and the suppression of the feminine. That certainly occurred. There was tremendous factioning, a tremendous amount of taking oaths of secrecy. That was something that was not unusual. We had been doing that all along anyway as a mystery school. But that was adamant as we continued our journey. And as Claire is now in the process of bringing forth the sequel to this story – we pick up the story in southern France, we go to Britain to Avalon, and the remembrance, the voices of the cast of characters and particularly the feminine voice, the voice of the Magdalene is going to indeed rise up out of the dust and the power of the twelve and thirteen fully embodied at this time. Alright yes beloved?

MAN: I would like to ask you, there is so much I related to in my heart as though I lived it and was living it. I feel such a part of that great mystery of mysteries. And there is so much that touched me and so I am a little confused about my place. I feel it as though I knew you.

ANNA: Yes.

MAN:  And that you helped me.

ANNA:  Yes. And I am still here. They didn’t get rid of me.

MAN: You told me that you are holding me now and you never put me down.

ANNA:  You know I will not depart until all that ‘I Am’ is held in here.

MAN:  That would be grand Mother.

ANNA: I am so blessed.

MAN:  Thank you as always.

ANNA: Beloved, follow your passion. Allow as I was sharing with this one the grand love of your being to express. Whatever it is that you are doing, just allow who you are to be present. You are so much more – we are so much more than that cast of characters 2000 years ago. We have put that up on a pedestal as if it’s the epitome. Beloveds, that was a rehearsal for what we are doing now and who you are. It has to be. Trust yourself.

MAN: Could you speak briefly of the keeper of the law of the one that Yeshua wrote in Sanskrit on his forehead?

ANNA: And why would you want to know that beloved?

MAN: Because there is a lot of mystery around that and many have never known this.

ANNA: We are all peoples of the one. And we are givers of that knowing. So unlock the gate and shine forth that knowing and allow it to be in every thought, in every feeling, and every action beloved, as if you were of the one and many are rejoicing.

Yes beloved?

WOMAN: I have been asked to bear children and I believe in light conception and my question is how do I prepare myself for this?

ANNA: You will find others like yourself who have this ‘knowing’ that they are to be vehicles to bring forth more conscious conception. In order to do this is to continue to increase the allowance of your body to handle more and more light. First of all you conceive the child of you, the Christ child, that is you and you nurture it and you love it. As you do that you will find also a quickening in your whole auric envelope and you’ll draw unto you a mate who is likewise capable of that. Then when you are ready, the way, the teacher, and the circumstances will appear. Begin first with yourself. All the rest is taken care of. When I say you are not alone – and the children that I see around you just as I saw the 12, do you remember - when Mother Isis came to me – I am not saying you are going to have to buy. . . . . .

WOMAN: I wouldn’t think so.

ANNA: These next years are pivotal. And each of you will be stepping up and taking your roles to support these children, to support mothers like this, to support the men, especially you men who will be playing the role of the inseminator because it is also your seed that gets to be illumined, to carry certain codes, so all is well. Enjoy. Have fun. Yes beloved?

WOMAN: In the energy of the twelve and the thirteen is it now time for the energy of the thirteen to be held in the feminine?

ANNA: Yes.

WOMAN: I know it’s balanced but it’s reversed in some instances and so its time now for the thirteen to stand up and do their piece?

ANNA: Always. The thirteenth has always been present. It just hasn’t always been acknowledged, the role of the thirteenth. Usually just handling one aspect of the twelve has been more than most can handle. To be all of it is quite a different matter. But yes, it is time. No longer will you be identifying, “Oh I am Sag or I am Leo”, you know. You know it is in your aura – indeed, that is the only way to be God. You certainly don’t get to be God by being a Saint, I know that. I finally got clear on that. Eventually the church will know it too and definitely not through being martyred. So you get to be God by being all of it and that includes the Judas archetype, and that includes the Lucifer archetype. You are all of it. It is all God. It is all divine. It is all expressions of love coming home.

WOMAN: I felt like the Magdalene energy called me 2 years ago when I was in France in a workshop. Then I went out and did one workshop, then ran like hell the other way. So I am sort of coming back to it slowly, to my path, a secret special place, that I wasn’t planning on sharing and yet its, you know, there. What suggestions do you have to help me create that in a way where I can have trust of all that. (The rest of the question was not audible).

ANNA: As I have said we can come up with all kinds of reasons for dimming our light, for being Judas to ourselves. So what to do? Invite that part to come with you without giving it power. Get in touch with what you felt there in southern France, that part of you that revealed itself. How did it feel?

WOMAN: Heavenly.

ANNA: Heavenly. Do you want more of that?

WOMAN: Yes, Mother. Yes Anna.

ANNA: We are going to get beyond the behind. And I suggest that you take not necessarily a journey back to France, but that you allow yourself to get very clear about what it was about that experience that becomes as important as your breath, as important as your next meal and keeping a roof over your head; not to become fanatical about it, or too attached to what you think it is, but the feeling of it that expanded and uplifted you. And then perhaps go into nature and create a kind of altar for that because it’s truly in a sense what you would call ‘the beloved’. And then you might take tokens, your writings, and put those on an altar. If possible, spend the night under the stars and become aware of the elements, the Earth Mother, your connection to the all, to the one, to ‘the beloved’ like this one. Offer yourself up to feel that much love again, that, the one called Yeshua, initiated you into. That scares you also. But what do you love more? Your small life or the capacity to be what you were opened to? And then do whatever comes to you so that you can embody it. Then continue the journey because there will always be the aspects, that part you are not leaving behind anymore, because that is the part that has been screaming you’ve abandoned me, you’ve rejected me, I am not lovable, I am unworthy, I can’t go home. It is the baggage that you, as an ascended being, have come back to and it’s what we thought we’ve had to transcend to get out of here. It’s the immense love that you touched, that you then awakened to in those moments, that is what has brought you back into this density again to embrace and lift up on the tree of life. That’s just a suggestion. Do whatever pleases you as a process. You could also find a trusted friend, someone who could create sacred space with you. And I would encourage you to not get into distraction. Give yourself wholly to ‘the beloved’ and ‘the beloved’ will enter in and your life will grandly shift to the positive, to the empowered, to be the light of the sun and the moon, to being the Magdalene that you are. And besides you are seeded for it. Everyone here in this room, all of humanity is seeded for it. And besides that, you do carry the genetics. You set this one up really good, beloved. You have a choice every moment. But yes, you can accomplish it and you will in this lifetime as I am seeing it. So congratulations. Thank you for those who will be inspired by your example.

WOMAN: Is it time to do workshops?

ANNA: That is a personal question beloved but it is time for everyone here to be doing your being. Do what is-

WOMAN: I guess the reason that I asked that in that way is because it occurs to me that we are like just that much ahead of what’s to be done. I’ll use the timeframe six weeks because I can’t think of another timeframe, but we are like six weeks ahead of before the people are ready to hear it. We still are, we still are ---

ANNA: Getting in sync.

WOMAN: Of getting in sync, not just hers but all of us. Is that accurate or is it not accurate?

ANNA: I would encourage you beloved when you feel nudged, when you continue to be nudged you’re building up an energy that if you align into the ‘doing’ it will manifest for you. So the answer is YES. You’ll be supported, beloved.

WOMAN: I think all of us will be supported in what we do when we get off our yes buts, but---

ANNA: Do your passion. Fly. Yes?

WOMAN: And so on the same theme of trying to figure out what the next move for me is in my work with children which I love doing, I am starting to feel that I am in a place that is too small for what I want to be doing, and yet sort of not ready to make a conscious change, and wondering if allowing this to evolve as it has been is on the right track or is it a ‘yes but’?

ANNA: So when you see the expansion – right now you are feeling cramped, you are feeling stifled – and that the fullness of you is somehow not expressing its creativity, its life, who else do you know who is working with children these days who has already crossed the threshold of where you are finding yourself and are beginning to create a larger container for working with children in an alternative fashion?

WOMAN: I really don’t know.

ANNA: Then I encourage you beloved, to do some research. They are out there and I encourage you to get in touch with this expanded family and the family that is into expansion rather than the status quo. You have a wonderful facility called the Internet. Is that a ‘yes but’?

WOMAN: It is a yes.

ANNA: You do not have to wait for your personal computer; the library has one or a friend may have one. Beloved I am just playing with you. You can wait as long as you wish. Just don’t come back to Anna and say I’m still in my little box. And I will get out my violin. I can see you beloved, very easily, and the wondrous role that is going to assist the children that will be coming through - ones like this as well as those who are closely connected to me. Bless you. That is a worthy work of love. And there are streams of children. I mean streams of children who are so grandly desirous of your company. Yes beloved? How are we doing for time by the way?

MAN: You have about 17 minutes.

ANNA: Before 7 o’clock? Alright we’ll take just your question then.

WOMAN: You say things like open to ‘the beloved’ and change frequency to the light. How do you do that in practical terms? Those are words that I have heard about but how do you do that?

ANNA: How often would you say and you do not have to say this out loud just examine within your heart, are you experiencing gratitude in your life each day? Or are you just going through your day, the mundane affairs of your day in your relationships - that is the baseline. The more that you can be in a resonance or a frequency feeling gratitude, genuine gratitude, for whatever is presenting itself as your creation, you will then be supported in the wondrous miraculous synchronous ways that takes you to the next as it were level of expanded awareness and opportunities to love. It is through the opening of the heart seal through gratitude that then begins to take you in a conscious fashion on the journey of the initiate who has the increasing capacity to emanate more and more light, to be that light. And all of your chakra systems and all of your seals open. This is the primary doorway and gratitude is the feeling. It is just that simple. That is the formula. And at times that you would least feel gratitude, that is the real opportunity for stepping up and being already who you are. Yes, and I so appreciate your childlikeness, beloved. And I would say that is the next thing to trust and be more fully childlike. Your ability to play, your ability to be very present in the moment, just like you stepped into this group today, “ I don’t know what’s going on here but I think I am going to try that.” and really immersing yourself. You know, yes you are scratching your head a little bit but for the most part you know like a child just hmmm, what’s here? It’s some curiosity that assists you to be present. So that too, with gratitude, will open many, many doors and many wonderful playmates. Yes beloved?

WOMAN: Could you speak to, as you are speaking about gratitude, the paradox that some of us have experienced as we are opening to embrace the all, about everything as well that simultaneously we are asked to release and let go of the things that bring sadness to us?

ANNA: Paradoxically, sometimes it is the feeling of sadness that brings also what’s on the other side, which is joy. It sounds cliché to say, but you get to be God by being all of it especially when the emotions wrack the body and the soul as they are in the grail cup of your body. When those are, you call it, the ‘9 inch nails’? You have the answer to that, beloved, and you are feeling it right now. I tell you the ultimate answer is what we began the sharing with today, which is an awareness of the presence of the Divine Mother. Allow yourself to embody her love and there will be no thing to fear, no emotion that you would hesitate feeling as she feels it. She will carry you across those troubled waters and through those troubled waters and below those troubled waters. It is embodying the love that embraces the all that is the answer to humanity’s seeming dilemma at this time. You are doing through choosing to be who you are. I love you and you are fully capable of this not as an ego, but with the Mother and the Father as one and you as the principal of the offspring. There is no thing that you can not accomplish as that trinity. I am always with you. I am very, very, willing to feel with you all your feeling and lift you and your creation. For you are ‘I AM” come home and bringing all your creations with you. So beloveds, on that note, do be light-hearted. Do be playful. Do love as you have never loved before. The curtain is up. You have done all the rehearsals. This is it. You are it. I love you. I walk with you and ‘I AM’ you and all is well.


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