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(Please feel free to pass the Updates along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)




March 2011






It is amazing that 4 ½ years have passed since I “disappeared” into my quiet, hermitage life-style. Our remote northern California mountain valley home is within the outer reaches of the Mount Shasta vortex. The Mountain is close as the eagle flies; but 4 ½ hours away by car! Our trusty Subaru Outback traverses the winding, precipitous mountain roads to Redding where we gather supplies, go to medical appointments and breathe in beautiful views of our beloved Mountain. Sadly, there is little energy left to take on an additional hour of driving to sit in the lap of Mount Shasta. Instead, we return to the welcoming embrace of our valley sanctuary where Stillness abides as close as our breath.


Lorenzo and I continue to explore the heights and depths of conscious relationship. We are committed to deeply exploring this amazing alchemical dance as an integral and inseparable part of our unfolding spiritual path. We are both matured and well-seasoned wayfarers; both pushing 70 years young. We are challenged, as are all, with undeniable aging issues, including facing the inevitability of impermanence…the great letting go. We each bring sufficient commitment, love, wisdom, courage, devotion and compassion to our twin-soul alchemy; a process, which by definition, is supremely intense. Such is the nature of creating gold from base elements, and diamonds from coal!


The last two years, 2009 and 2010, were momentous and challenging for all of us. Exactly two years ago, January of 2009, I picked up the foundational, raw transcriptions (generated in 2006) and began writing “Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes,” the sequel to “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.” What a labor of love! I cannot begin to describe what was required to bring this material into its final printed manifestation. I am so very thankful for the caring, over-lighting Presence of the Great Ones and for your sustaining prayers. A year later during the winter of 2010, while finishing the sequel, Lorenzo’s symptoms of kidney disease became a grave concern. Shortly after “the Magdalenes” was published in May 2010, Lorenzo’s specialist put him on heavy-duty medications, which now in January of 2011, we are happy to say have been life saving.


Just as soon as “Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes” was published in English, my French publisher, Ariane Editions, began translating it! The French edition was published the end of 2010. Happily, both Anna books are finding receptive hands and hearts throughout French-speaking Canada and Europe. Other language translations are in the works. It is amazing to me how Anna’s words and loving energies are reaching so many people world-wide. Many of you have written your stories. I wish to express how much I love to hear how your lives and your spiritual awakening are being enriched and supported by the Anna material and the Divine Mother’s presence.


Lorenzo and I are currently putting the finishing touches on his beautiful book of inspirational nature photography, prose and quotes, “INFINITE LIGHT: Finding Peace in Nature.” Although his photography is taken close to home; it is nevertheless a portal through which anyone can glimpse the expansive, infinite heart of our True Nature. This visual and verbal treasure will be available sometime this spring or early summer. Please check this website or for links and instructions for ordering.

Some of you have expressed concern for my well-being since you have had difficulty reaching me and because you have received emails from my business manager, Catherine Ann Clemett, stating her company, LightRiver Media, is “taking over” my company, S.E.E. Publishing. Because there has been some misunderstanding and confusion, I am glad for this opportunity to bring some clarity from my perspective. First of all, S.E.E. Publishing is not being “taken over”. I am choosing to retire from being actively involved in the business details and public outreach. I am contracting LightRiver Media to fulfill the business responsibilities in much the same way as before. The only difference is in name only. Catherine Ann has skills and interests in business management, computer technologies and marketing that I do not have. Neither do I have the stamina nor the resiliency I once had in order to play an active role. As a co-creator of “Anna, the Voice of the Magdalene” she is also willing and able to step out and meet with all of you who feel a resonance with the Magdalenes.  It is time for Catherine Ann to shine and share her voice within the immediacy of your presence and for me to send forth a light from a distance.

Thankfully, Catherine Ann has gladly “run interface” for me during these past years in which I have been (and will likely continue to be) in an inward spiritual focus. However, it is unfair to both of us, and to you, for her to try to continue to speak for me.  In truth, she cannot. As she steps out into her own empowered light, she can present her own Magdalene voice, view and wisdom.


Although I will likely be slow to respond to your emails, I wish you to know how much I appreciate you reaching out to me in this manner. I will give your written communications attention as best I can. This means that you may only receive a brief, loving reply. I am sorry that I cannot speak with you by phone or in person. Thank you, also, for all your invitations to come and share Anna with you, as I used to do with so much joy and pleasure. However, until further notice, I am choosing to stay close to home where, without excessive distraction, I can give the required time, focus and energy to actually embodying Anna’s expanded teachings and practices. It is a great joy and a source of immeasurable blessings to be able to experience the fruits of awakening in partnership with my dear Lorenzo.


May you continue to be inspired, motivated, unhindered and supported in your spiritual awakening for the benefit of all beings of past, present and future time. May you feel and be comforted in our Oneness through the dimensions. May all beings know the joy of true liberation as we all come Home together!


Great Love and Blessings,