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Past Updates

(Please feel free to pass the Zion Quarterly Updates along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)


June 2006

A New Paradigm Mount Carmel Community

Resonant Co-Creators Found!

(Photo below: The 3 C's Carolynn, Catherine Ann and Claire)


I joyfully announce the arrival of not just one but two resonant co-creators who have joined me to lay the foundation of a new paradigm Mount Carmel community. Catherine Ann Clemett and Carolynn Watkins moved to Zion from Portland, Oregon one month ago. We are now getting fully settled, computers are networked and a sense of being a spiritually-focused family is in place. Anna gatherings have begun and we are ready to step into the unfolding vision we seeded 2,000 years ago in the Galilean Essene community of Mount Carmel.

We await the arrival of other resonant co-creators in the ripeness of time. It is clear to me that the souls who are contacting me about feeling a familiar resonance with the Anna material and what is being created within the Zion National Park region of Utah have been together before. There seems to be a soul group frequency signature that we can hear and recognize as a clarion call. It resounds deeply within our hearts and cells. Like magnets we are attracted and find one another from all quadrants of the earth. We know we have served the Christing or Light Anointing of other worlds and are here to serve the ascension of this most precious of planets. Most precious, I believe, because it is here upon this deliberately designed and chosen stage that we, the creators and actors of duality consciousness, are recapitulating all our star war dramas into a final choice to be complete with and graduate from separation consciousness. We can, at the very least, choose to disengage from games of extremely dissonant polarity conflict and co-create a new paradigm global Mount Carmel community where we choose to dramatize and celebrate polarity in harmony.

We are choosing to co-create a new paradigm Mount Carmel community in Zion for several reasons:

1. We feel a resonance with the purpose of the Mount Carmel community in which Anna and her family prepared the support team for the avatars (cosmically enlightened beings) we know as Jesus/Yeshua and his beloved Mary Magdalene. We resonate with the ascension/descension process that was exemplified in ancient Mount Carmel where it was facilitated as a group consciousness. We also feel a resonance with all avatars and those eternal principles that inspire many spiritual paths and religions.

2. Remembering that we were in some way present during the Yeshua-Magdalene Christ drama, we also know we passed through initiations with Yeshua and Magdalene as fellow initiates on the Christing path. Contrary to some disempowering beliefs, we will accomplish this in this time, by reclaiming our power to align directly with Divine Will and Love without the intercessory authority of a messianic figure or a hierarchical priesthood.

3. We celebrate and cultivate the return of the Divine Mother. We know that the embracing principle of the feminine is required for the next ascension phase that is bringing all creation Home.

4. It can be said that we accept and seek the internal marriage of the Christ (Divine Masculine) and Sophia (Divine Feminine) so that we may know balanced harmony within all our relationships. Through this divine union we realize our divinity. Claiming our birthright, we experience direct mystical knowing of unity consciousness.

You will not find us attempting to reenact glamorized and nostalgic versions of the Essene communities of ancient Mount Carmel and Qumran. We decline from wearing identical homespun robes, sharing all our resources in common, or seeking to be solely vegetarian. We shall find ways to disengage from outworn patriarchal, matriarchal, messianic or hierarchal traditions, rituals and dogmas. Like the Mount Carmel that Anna desired to co-create, then and now, we will embrace those enduring principles that unify, uplift and empower the soul as an integral yet sovereign part of a greater Whole. We will open ourselves to unprecedented ways in which to be self-governing while being in a relational community that honors diverse lifestyles, gender roles, ethnic and racial origins, cultural wisdoms, creativity, an egalitarian and responsible stewardship of resources and the use of life-affirming technologies. Instead of looking for a Teacher of Righteousness to redeem a perceived fallen state, we shall continue to walk side by side with our Elder Brothers and Sisters as teachers of righteousness – exemplifying the rightful use of energy for the benefit of all.

Even as we lay this corner-stone as a trinity, we anticipate a joyful reunion with our group-soul family who may feel called to join us for a moment or two of sweet refreshment or for an extended season of empowering co-creation. We also invite our entire family of humanity to enter into this uplifting and empowering endeavor as each one feels ready to enter the unifying harmonic of love and gratitude. As a community dedicated to the return of the Bride and Bridegroom, we invite you to ecstatically weave your thread amidst this unfurling banner that heralds the coexistence of sovereign Freedom and homecoming Union. We invite you to come to Mount Carmel within the towering canyon walls of Zion and to find Zion’s peace and inspiring beauty within your hearts wherever you are!

Please click on the “Anna Messages” button and experience Anna’s June message about “Zion and the New Jerusalem.” Check in later for July’s message about “Twin Flames and Twin Flame Union.” We intend to have monthly Anna messages and expansions of the site, as well as a whole new Mount Carmel Community website for you to enjoy this year.

With immense gratitude, I now introduce my co-creative team: Catherine Ann and Carolynn.

Love and blessings to all,



Coming to Springdale to be in co-creation with Claire and Carolynn has been a longtime dream for me. I just hadn’t known where it would be or exactly what it would look like, only that I have been preparing for a long time for something. And this is that “something” manifested.

After feeling “stuck” in my life for a long time where everything I tried to do was like running into a brick wall, this opportunity presented itself. What a delightful and unexpected surprise it was to have ended up here in this amazing canyon at the entrance to Zion National Park! Never in a million years would I have thought I would be living in Utah, particularly since it was a place I had never even visited before. But as my guidance sent me unmistakable signs and synchronistic events, it became clear very quickly that this was the opportunity that I had been awaiting and that had been awaiting me. Carolynn was definitely the catalyst for this adventure coming together. As the initial communication between Claire, Carolynn and I kept unfolding, it became evident that both Carolynn and I were to be part of this adventure with Claire and Anna. Thus within a two month period of reading Claire’s appeal for a resonant co-creator, we found ourselves relocated to Springdale where the three of us are laying the initial foundation for the emerging Mt. Carmel community.

Throughout this unfolding adventure I have been absolutely amazed at how our paths and experiences have not only been so parallel, but how similar we three are in our thinking and attitudes to each other as well. We each bring skills, experience, and knowledge that serves not only the needs of the whole, but with which we find great resonance on a deep soul level. We are walking along a co-joined path, with a shared vision, and a shared commitment to something each of us has felt deep in our being. Just as Anna (in the Anna Grandmother of Jesus book) talks about how in the Christ drama 2,000 years ago they rehearsed and rehearsed so they would be ready on the physical plane to step into their roles when the time was right, I feel that we have also been rehearsing on the inner planes for this current unfolding of the Christ consciousness. We have responded to the call and are stepping into our roles now more fully on this stage in our physical embodiments just as we have rehearsed it. The larger plan is being revealed bit by bit and the adventure is unfolding at a swift pace.

I am so grateful to not only be here in Zion and to be part of this journey working with Claire, Carolynn and the unseen realms; but grateful as well that I have learned to listen to, trust and follow my inner being who has led me here. I look forward to further adventures that are unfolding and to meeting more of the soul family as we are more and more being drawn to connect with one another whether it is here in the beauty of Zion or elsewhere.

All I can say is that I feel immense gratitude and wonder,


Catherine Ann


ZION/Springdale is an awesome place! Even after a month, I often weep with joy and gratitude. Being here is deeply grounding yet exhilarating, among the red and white mountains, sunshine, bright stars, fresh air and friendly people. I can understand why millions of people come every year to visit.

Being with Claire Heartsong has been an equally inspiring experience. I am in awe of her great spiritual wisdom and knowledge, her deep love for all and her joyful living. It is wonderful to get to know her, her work and vision. It is easy to be excited about sharing in it.

I adore Anna’s humorous, feisty, compassionate and wise Spirit, and am dedicated to doing all I can to aid the forthcoming sequel of Anna’s story.

Anna’s story felt very real and personal to me when I read it about a year ago. My friend Catherine Ann and I followed our guidance to respond to Claire’s request for help on her website, and happily, the whole synchronistic process of moving and settling here has been a great adventure.

The New Mount Carmel Community appears to be a worldwide network of ‘brothers and sisters’ everywhere who resonate with the story of that group of people in the area of Mount Carmel on the Mediterranean Sea 2,000 years ago. I appreciate the ways that Anna and the others holding the patterning of that community are encouraging, teaching and preparing so many of us today.

I look forward to all of the facets of discovering and working with this Team whose mission seems to align with my own. For many years I have felt that the next stage of our human evolution involves exercising sovereignty for our health, vitality and even extending our lifespan. I also see us developing new attitudes and skills in human relationships, particularly those with celestial companions and twin flames. In remembering our Oneness and Innocence, and by just being the Love that we are, I believe we can create a world that the ancient Mount Carmel community patterned for us so long ago – and that we can do all they did and more.

Much love to all,


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