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Other Updates

Zion Update November 2005

Laying the Foundation of a

New Paradigm Mount Carmel

Calling Forth a Resonant Co-Creator

As 2005 draws to a close, I am taking stock of the great changes that have occurred in my life. With the shift in my relationship status that occurred this spring, I now find myself settled in southern Utah's beautiful red rock country at the gateway to Zion National Park. Rooted, I stand ready to lay the foundation for what could be called a new paradigm Mount Carmel mystery school where initiates on the path may gather in various ways to assist the "turning of the ages." This year's life-transforming events have opened the way. I am learning how to ground my spiritual energy by becoming acquainted with the world of finance and business. I have found that I can further Anna's work (the awakening and the empowerment of initiates) by responding in a more business-like way to bring the eclectic mystical wisdom that Anna represents into the lives of a growing spiritual family.

Much of my time has been spent filling book orders, answering emails, facilitating a new printing of the book, acquiring SEE Publishing Company and making the Anna material available to more bookstores worldwide, as well as bringing her messages to you through this website. Because most of my energy has necessarily gone into expanding my effectiveness in the arena of business, I have chosen to facilitate fewer Anna seminars and personal sessions. Although I have not been writing Anna's promised sequel, I gratefully know that all the experiences of the last three years have been preparation for the expanded energies and wisdom to be communicated when "all is brought into a ripeness." While attending to the necessary business details that bring Anna's transformational perspective to a growing audience, it has become apparent that attempting to write the next book spreads my available energy too thin. Thankfully tangible assistance has come during the past two months for which I am immensely grateful. My appreciation extends to Nancy Goodell of Springdale for her business acumen and webmaster wizardry and to Michael McTeigue of the Bay Area for his promotional expertise. I am beginning to feel the ripening pressure to write the continuation of Anna's story, which when all is in place, can commence sometime in 2006.

In order to create a supportive energetic space to receive Anna's frequency and communications throughout the entire writing process, the next step seems to be the bringing forth of a resonant full or part-time, spiritually attuned co-creator/business partner. This man or woman colleague is in a position to live nearby or within my household during most or all of the year for the time our work in progress is mutually beneficial. He or she shares a common spiritual vision and frequency with me and has business, computer, and communications skills. Please contact me for further information and to submit your application if this call resonates in your heart and soul. As I become more aware of the nature of this expanding adventure to explore and manifest a new paradigm Mount Carmel community, it becomes evident that much more than a book is being called forth. However it is to unfold, it will require more individuals to bring their visions, skills and resources into synergy in Zion (a state of harmonious being wherever you are). Let's walk arm in arm as we once did 2,000 years ago fulfilling the promise to arise and go forth at this pivotal unfolding of the Christ saga!

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