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Past Updates

(Please feel free to pass the Zion Quarterly Updates along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)


Fall Zion Update   

September 2006

Laying the Foundation for the Anna Sequel


Greetings my beloved friends,

Time is marching by so fast and I am realizing that I have not responded to letters that many of you have sent me. I had thought I would be getting back to you sooner “when I had the time and energy you deserve.” Please forgive this mode of communication. I trust you’ll understand.

Once we got the website up with all its expanded features, we turned our focus to the sequel. I finally started writing with Catherine Ann and Carolynn holding space for me. It was coming along fairly well…but I felt there wasn’t the kind of juice flowing that I had grown accustomed to with the first book. Then one morning several weeks ago, I felt guided to ask Catherine Ann who has been trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist in past-life regression by Delores Cannon who wrote “They Walked with Jesus,” to take me deeper and explore what might happen. As it’s turning out, this seems to be just the synchronous ticket Anna and the Councils desire, not only for me to play my part, but for Catherine Ann and Carolynn to synergistically play theirs as well in resonant co-creation.

(Photo lower right: Claire in a hypnotherapy session

bringing forth material for the book.)

So far we have been visited by Anna, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Anna, one of the other Marys, Mariam, Martha, Anna’s youngest son Noah and his second of two wives “She Who Dances with the Wind”. The other evening I regressed Catherine Ann. I had learned how to take individuals into and out of a trance state with Rapid Eye Technology many years ago. She remembered being a child who knew Yeshua and the family intimately. Each day is exciting as we wonder who’ll be visiting us next. We usually have two 2 hour sessions a day. Carolynn is a superb transcriptionist and is doing well in keeping up with the voluminous and amazing material that is coming forth. I am so thankful for my co-creative team…all of us so well prepared to fulfill the roles we rehearsed 2,000 years ago. Talk about divine Play!!! I know you, too, are weaving your energies with us…to become apparent in future nows.

It feels like the teaching/memory recall and healing/activating energies may even surpass the first book….for sure, they will support and amplify what Anna has given us before. Some of the material is controversial and this, as usual, is an opportunity for us to heal and clear ourselves of the deep wounds of the separated self and especially the collective suppression of the Divine Feminine. It feels like the book can be finished in a much shorter time than the first one. We certainly hope so. Your prayers and holding a space for this to be so is very much appreciated. Needless to say, this process is requiring much focus, time and energy.

We are immersed in the lives of these extraordinary people whose very personal messages and voices will bless many as we choose a greater capacity to love beyond limitation. It’s an interesting process of feeling bilocated on many levels: holographically experiencing their human persona experiences and feelings, their higher-self unity perspective and the much broader perspective of the Councils of Light. All these levels are inter-weaving as they tell their stories about their/our journeys as Christ-Magdalene initiates. We truly seem to be rewriting his-her story and creating a new reality, a new Christ-Magdalene mythos.

Anna explains we will be weaving transmutational energies through an infinity loop so that the fractal/aspects of the duality-based and unity-based archetypal mirrors of the “12 – 13” (the twelve disciples, Zodiac, etc and the thirteenth Christ Magdalene) can find completion and resolution….as above, so below. They desire to assist us to let go and transmute our addiction to the duality archetypes and choose to be the unity expression of the twelve instead. We can do this by claiming all the twelve archetypes we’ve been/are into the Grail Cup of the Christed Thirteenth as Yeshua and Magdalene exemplified/exemplify. We are discovering what this Grail pattern is as we actually remember and experience the emerging codes that are revealed by the characters’ stories and energies. I am also seeing this as a wonderful way to assist Trudy, Jacque and Julia with the character development for the “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” screenplay they are writing. It’s all very exciting and we feel blessed to the brim with opportunities for soul growth and to be of ever expanding service.

All three of us are going to Europe in September. I’ll be presenting at two Divine Feminine conferences: one in Dublin and the other in Reading, England, touring Scotland with Margaret Starbird, revisiting beloved Glastonbury and Avebury, going on a special tour of Chartres Cathedral and co-leading a tour of southern France with Finbarr Ross (Celtic Mystical Journeys). We’ll be back in early October and diving into the sequel as soon as possible.

Well, my beloved friends, Catherine Ann just popped in and it’s time to see who desires to visit and share a message with us today. Do feel free to write me…however, I may not be able to respond as quickly or as personally as I would like. I will keep you posted from time to time on how everything is developing. If you feel called to come to Zion for a visit please do so even though I may not be able to spend the time with you that we would both desire. There are beautiful and powerful places to visit and energies to feel here. You will feel embraced and lifted up by the loving presences of Zion’s angels and the ancient Mother. Rekindled, your heart flame can blaze forth even more fully wherever you are.

Love and blessings,


P.S. Six accelerated weeks have passed since sending this letter out as an email. We have now accumulated many stories from over twelve characters who have shared deeply from their personal lives. The basic raw material is in. What remains is the lengthy process of editing and weaving these stories into the book Anna wishes to share with you in the ripeness of time. Everything is in major flux and change once again in my life. There will be much to share in December’s Zion Update!

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