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Past Updates

(Please feel free to pass the Zion Quarterly Updates along making no alterations and crediting Claire Heartsong.)




   Mount Shasta!

“Zion Lives in Our Hearts”

Last spring, at the same time that Catherine Ann Clemett and Carolynn Watkins responded to my call for resonant co-creators, a series of events occurred that made it evident that a move away from the Zion canyon lands might become necessary. Just when I had begun to think that I could settle down, my former Mount Shasta area roots began pulling me back to my childhood home. Rather than putting energy into questioning my strong guidance to buy a home in Zion or fearing the circumstances that were taking me away, I felt gratitude for all that I had been given during my four-year sojourn in Utah. And with a sense of urgency, I turned my attention to creating a new life within the familiar mystical aura of my Beloved Mountain and her verdant valleys of peace.

(Photo lower right: Mt. Shasta taken by Catherine Ann Clemett)

The past nine months of great change have taken me into a deeper awareness of the importance of non-attachment and gratitude. More deeply than ever I have come to realize that attachment to the impermanent things of this world creates suffering. And it is gratitude for what IS presenting itself in the now moment that brings lasting peace and happiness. During the process of relocating I also became aware that Zion is not limited to a specific geographical place, but is more a state of being within one’s mind and heart where peace dwells. Zion is a place of sanctuary – a place of solace and harmony. Zion may be experienced anywhere by individuals, by couples in conscious relationship and by people coming together to co-create communities dedicated to celebrating inner and outer peace.

For those of you wondering what is happening with the sequel to “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus,” I am happy to say that during the agreed six months that Catherine Ann and Carolynn were with me, a great deal of progress was made in gathering most of the basic content. That content is now gestating for an indefinite time. Like the first book, the process of writing/editing such multi-level and potentially transformational material has a life of its own. It feels as if it is being written inside me and within my life. I am confident that it will come forth in its own appropriate time and way. I, as its steward and messenger, can only bow to the greater process at hand that continues to transform and prepare me from the inside out.

Meanwhile, Catherine Ann and Carolynn are living in the Ashland, Oregon area, which is also within the auric field of Mount Shasta. Catherine Ann manages the S.E.E. Publishing business that includes filling your orders of the recently reprinted Anna book. Carolynn is renewing her love of sculpting between travels. We, the “three C’s,” continue to feel connected through our mutual love of Anna and the family of 2,000 years ago. The deeply profound initiations we have shared together have forged an ongoing bond. We are thankful for the abiding sense that we have reacquainted ourselves with the Christ light that established Zion/Mt. Carmel long ago and also in this lifetime.

Speaking for myself, I have been drawn into a simple life of quiet hermitage close to the land. Here I can slowly prepare to enter some of the mysteries that Anna speaks of with a greater focus than I have ever known before. Somehow, in ways I do not presently understand my being here is preparing me to finish Anna’s sequel, as well as other projects. While it is not appropriate at this time to disclose my exact whereabouts or share more fully what I am doing, I will say that I am being wonderfully presented with an opportunity to return to my exploration of sacred art. Other than what I have alluded to, it all remains an unfolding mystery; as much for me as for you. Although not clearly presented as yet, there is an unmistakable sense of destiny that I welcome with all my heart.

As I have said, there is much that I would share with you about the expansions occurring in my personal/spiritual practices; however, this is a time in which a very careful cultivation of energy is required. To say more would dissipate the energy and likely abort the desired manifestation that may serve the greater good. Therefore, I will be holding much within my heart for an extended time. Unfortunately because of this, I will not be as available as I once was for personal sharing, consultations, seminars and travel. When it is in alignment to enter a season of greater outer activity, this website will advise you.

Because my attention is being directed as it is, I am looking at the possibility of publishing excerpts of the Anna book online. The excerpts will be presented a chapter at a time so that people anywhere who have internet access can receive Anna’s wisdom and love. This inspiring material that continues to touch so many lives will be offered instead of the monthly “Anna Message” or responses to your questions.

Thank you for understanding and for your ongoing support. May we continue to be filled with amazing surprises of growth and delight as we live with greater simplicity and conscious awareness of our oneness. May we forgive, love and laugh more this new year. And thank you, dear friend, for establishing the solace and gentleness of Zion within your own heart. May peace be with you.

Eternal blessings of Divine Love and Infinite Light,

From my heart in love and service,


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